The Cutest Thing Ever??

Posted by Stephanie on April 21, 2019


I’m pretty sure.

I may or may not have a pretty active Youtube addiction. Actually, no probably about it, its kind of a problem and may need to join some sort of support group. That being said, I spend a lot of my time hunting and pecking through the feed looking for my newest obsession to bing listen to. The other day, while watching SNL clips of BTS, there it was in my recommended — the cutest thing ever.

Considering the number of views these things have, I’m definitely late to the party here — but let’s just focus on the positives — that I showed up at all. Anyway, it’s literally midnight, and I’m binge-watching these cat videos.

LAUGH. So I thought I’d share to make sure you’ve seen these things too.



People are so clever!

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