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Posted by Stephanie on April 23, 2019


How time flies! So quickly you don’t even notice it seeping away. Then one day, something is brought to your attention, and you’ll realize just what’s happened. What jolted me out of my time haze? The other day, randomly, I saw this in my feed:

What the? A BL I didn’t know about? Wait. Hold on. How long has it been since I’ve dug into the internet to see what sort of LGBT trouble I can find myself? Turns out? Way too long. Turns out? A lot is going on in the LGBT Asian Drama world. It makes me excited to see all of the possibilities!

Let’s take a look at the existing and upcoming dramas we’re going to be adding to our lists:

HIStory3: Trapped – Taiwan – 2019 (Currently Airing) Drama

The cooperation between police and the people create a harmonious new society. Police who are filled with justice are turned into the personal protection for gangsters. But one police officer becomes trapped in the underworld, as he develops feelings for a gang leader.

A police officer and a gang leader were killed in a gunshot attack. What’s the secret behind this case? The only survivor, Tang Yi, is now the gang leader. He’s striving to find the murderer by setting a trap. But the police officer, Meng Shao Fei, gradually falls into the “love trap” set by Tang Yi.

(Ooooh, 20 episodes? Wowzers!)

HIStory3: Miracle – Taiwan – 2019 (End of the Year, no poster yet)

He’s waiting for the lover to come back someday, hoping a miracle could happen again. A cuisine brings back those memories happening between them in the past.

(Since it doesn’t even have a poster yet, I thought about not including it, but I figured if I didn’t, everyone would wonder why I’d left it off!)

Great Men Acadamy – Thai – 2019

Love has always been a fan of the popular guy Vier of the famous Great Men Academy but has never had the chance to meet him. One day she sees the mystical unicorn rumored to fulfill wishes and wishes for her love for Vier to get a chance. Unfortunately, the unicorn interpreted her wishes in a different way and Love wakes up to find herself…as a guy?

(I give this one side-eye on whether it’s actually BL or not. Could just be baiting.)

2Moons 2: The Series – Thai – 2019

No synopsis of this yet, Mydramalist lists the show as a remake, which makes me go huh. It is all new actors so are they starting from scratch or are they just going to hop back in with book two? Too soon to tell, but hopefully soon!

‘Cause You’re My Boy – Thai – 2018

This is the story of Mork, a grade 11 mischievous boy who sells porn DVDs at his father’s barbershop. When his father leaves a handsome boy, Tee, in the middle of a haircut, Mork attempts his first haircut, which ended in Tee having a terrible hair and leaving extremely mad. Thus begun rounds of revenge between the two boys. One day, when Tee is with his girlfriend, Bambi, Mork hands gay porn DVDs to Tee, leading Bambi and the rest of the boy’s school to believe that Tee is gay, resulting in Bambi leaving Tee. Mork is then asked by Tee to “take responsibility” and asks him to be a make-believe boyfriend to make Bambi jealous and get back together with him. But during the course of their make-believe relationship, they start to develop real feelings for each other.

(Yep, instant add on the TBWlist)

Our Skyy – Thai – 2018 – Sequel for ‘Cause You’re My Boy

A five-episode continuation anthology of the stories of Arthit and Kongpob, Kao and Pete, Mork and Tee, Rome and Pick, and Sun and In.

Body swapping! The timid Pick and angry Rome.

One is trying to make up and confess. But the other one already has someone else.

One is testing the other, but got surprised instead. Both are university students.

A fortuneteller made a prediction of their breakup, one performed a ceremony to ward off bad luck by running all over Bangkok.

One has to study abroad. They’re physically far away for each other… What about their hearts?

iStories – Thai – 2018

i STORIES tells the separate tales of a transgender, a bisexual, a gay man and a lesbian, who all share the name “i”.


My Baby Bright – Thai – 2018

Pla-Thong’s friend Tod dies but his unfinished business means he can’t move on. Pla-Thong helps Tod figure out what that unfinished business is, and they realise how each other feels in the process.

This is a drama short created for Thai cosmetics company Baby Bright.

Pornographer – Japanese – 2018 (Thanks everyone for the recommendation! I can’t wait to try this one out!)

Kuzumi Haruhiko is a university student. One day, he causes a bicycle accident. The accident causes novelist Kijima Rio to break his arm. Kuzumi Haruhiko doesn’t have insurance or money to pay Kijima Rio for his injury. Kijima Rio asks Kuzumi Haruhiko to transcribe a story he is writing. Kuzumi Haruhiko is surprised to learn the story is obscene.

Mood Indigo – Japanese – 2019

The story begins with Shiro Kido’s reunion with a former classmate, Rio Kijima, at a college teacher’s funeral.
In the past, when they were students, Kijima used to show talent as a novelist, even earning a big prize. Kido was jealous of Kijima’s success, but after reading his works he became aware of his lack of talent and gave up writing novels and became an editor of erotic novels. However, after reuniting it became clear to Kido that Kijima was stuck; facing a wall. He had used up all his talent. With Kido also being in a lost state he offers Kijima the opportunity to write pornographic novels.
With the intense eroticism and closeness, both men open up and feed into their desire. As their lust grows so does their toxic craving. The two become a relationship beyond the line while a mixture of emotions are drawn from the suffering Kijima.

What the Duck The Series – Thai – 2018

After Pop fails to acquire his dream job as a flight attendant, he decides to join the airline’s catering service. Leaving his girlfriend, Mo to work as a flight attendant alone; as they applied together. Pop is immediately troubled, as his new coworker, Oat, makes interesting advances towards him. Including teasing him and calling him “wife”. While Mo has to deal with her fellow flight attendants, who constantly bully her. Fortunately, Nick, a handsome pilot, stands up for her.
Mo’s brother, Pree, has an almost perfect life. As he and is boyfriend, Rambo are happily in love.
But everything is about to turn sour. As people’s feelings get mixed up and they fall for people they shouldn’t. While still holding onto to past love.

(I may or may not have already started this one)

My Pistachio – Korean – 2018

Muyeong, who has a crush on his senior Hanbit, is too nervous to confess his feelings. In the play directed by Hanbit, Muyoung applied as an actor, but Hanbit doesn’t even pay attention, saying, “The lead actor is already chosen.” Can Muyeong really confess his feelings to Hanbit?

(The poster on this makes it look adorable, and it’s Korean, which Korean LGBT? Few and far between.)

The Best Twins – Thai – 2019

The story of twin brothers, Per, the straight and Pond, the gay. Pond is in a relationship with their neighbor Tee. The family life is shaken by the twins older sister Pad, she is against her brother Pond being gay. When Pond’s ex-boyfriend Ball returns, things start going even more chaotic.

(The one that started it all, I’m gonna wait to watch this with a fellow Denverite! Although after seeing all the new stuff on the list, there is a lot to chose from, our BL night might turn out to be a BL weekend.)

Theory of Love – Thai – 2019

Third is a filmology major and a member of the Savage team along with his best friends Too, Bone, and Kai, but he holds a secret. Third has been secretly in love with Kai.

For three years he has cultivated his selfless love in his heart, silently supporting and loving Kai while knowing there is absolutely no future between them since Kai is as straight as they come and an absolute player. To make matters worse, Kai has a “no dating friends” policy.

How long can Third love Kai silently, while watching Kai bring a different girl home every night?

Third has tried to see Kai as just a friend. But has failed. For as easy as it is to fall in love, to stop is just as hard.

Maybe even harder.

That is, Third learns a secret that breaks his heart.

But when Third decides to stop, Kai decides to start.

(Is it me or does the guy in the white shirt kind of look like the guy who played Gump in that cute BL movie when the guy fell in love with his hot neighbor during some tutoring sessions? …Sure I don’t remember the name of the movie, but I remember all of those details? Brains are weird.)


Lots of good stuff this time around, so much I may have already started the next update! And, as I mentioned, I’ve already started watching one from the list while being on the hunt for some of the other ones subbed. Happy watching!

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