Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Middle School Drama

Posted by SaraG on April 25, 2019


My kids are each their own completely independent people with thoughts, likes, and dislikes separate from mine. It’s fun to see what they get interested in and excited about that I didn’t influence, but it’s even more satisfying to see them get excited about things that I love and we can share. I am hip to the notion that sometimes they fake a certain degree of excitement just to make me happy and to spend time with me, but I can tell when it’s real and when it’s fake. And lately, Thing One has been all about the Kdrama. Without me.

I mean, I definitely am responsible for almost all of the exposure she’s had to this point, but just like with friends, middle school has started to limit what I can influence or control. There are other people telling her what’s cool, worth her time, or completely lame. But let’s all thank our lucky stars that Kdrama falls into the former category. Kdrama, it turns out, is awesome. Her school has a free period every afternoon to either do homework like traditional study hall, to get extra help in certain subjects, or to sign up for interesting and fun classes or clubs like kite making, or chicken raising, or…Kdrama. Thing One signed up for KDRAMA CLUB! There is a mother flippin’ Kdrama club in middle school in suburban Denver. Someone else, an adult I don’t know, a MATH TEACHER is going to be picking Korean Dramas and Korean movies for these kids to watch and discuss. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

At home, at least, she is currently completely obsessed with To the Beautiful You on my recommendation, and rightfully so. It’s a wonderful drama for tweens with hints at inappropriate jokes and situations, a little mature content that they should understand and can integrate into their own experience, but nothing really over PG really going on. Plus, all those boys are dreamy and the music is fab. Thing One is in love with Stand Up, the closing song in the later episodes, buy J-Min. She LOVES it – and so does her lame mom. This sucker is on a playlist I made in 2013 and still gets regular air time. It’s so 90’s female rocker that it makes every nostalgic bone in my body ache with some unnamed longing. So, so awesome. This one is for all the ladies of all ages.


Stand Up, J-Min


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  • Reply Stephanie April 25, 2019 at 11:54 pm

    I remember this song! I think I actually bought the single! And go go gadget Kdrama club! Love it. Look at how far we’ve come.

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