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Posted by Stephanie on April 28, 2019


My friends, I really felt the need to share with you my newest, most favorite thing in the world. It’s something I look forward to, periodically waiting for each new episode to drop, watching every previous episode over and over again. What is this new show and where can you watch it, you ask? Answer? Instagram. More specifically, Tablo’s Instagram. And the show? Epik High’s One Minute Vlogs.


As they tour the US on a tour bus, the Epik High team are creating these small one minute videos. I was lucky to catch (thanks to that dumb decision not to do things chronologically) the episode where they…attempt to make waffles and laughed so hard. Since then I couldn’t stop and make sure to share them with all my friends.

Well, you’re friends, aren’t you? I hope you’ve been able to catch them before, but if not, check them out here!

This was the first one I watched, and while it was funny the first go around, it wasn’t until I realized it was actually Tablo who was trying to make the waffles, and it was Tablo who didn’t read the instructions? HI-Larious!

I love the idea of the three of them traveling by bus, hanging out in their tiny little bunks!


CLASSIC! Head nods

I got a kick out of the random guy on the street who knows enough to casually notice and shout out Tablo, ask for a picture, and yet not know Epik High was there that night to perform.

It is a long walk!

Wait for iiiiiiittttt….. I promise, it’s worth it. Then? Watch it again. Even funnier.


Mmmm… that’s good. The look on his face? Classic. HAHAHAHA.

Love the idea that these are guys are just regular people my age just trying to be cool. Sometimes it works and sometimes…

Grown up and yet…..


Sell these together! Turns out there’s a new Kpop store in town. Good to know! Could you imagine being the person who worked there that day and had Epik High wander in?

Now these are most of my favorites, if you want to see all of them, or to check out other videos from their tour (waaahhhh, why no Denver guys? We’re a cool state!) you can check them out on Tablo’s Instagram, Blobyblo!


  • Reply Robin N April 29, 2019 at 1:39 am

    I’m enjoying their shenanigans on tour too and was so sorry I couldn’t make the HOB show in Chicago (damn spring colds!) because I had such a great time their first stop here.

    • Reply Stephanie May 5, 2019 at 5:13 pm

      I got sad when I realized they were leaving yesterday. DOes this mean no more updates??

      • Reply Robin N May 6, 2019 at 11:53 am

        Something tells me that they’ll keep doing this — or maybe it’s wishful thinking — but I think they’ve enjoyed this new creative outlet.

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