I Watched Dramas — And You Need To Know About It!

Posted by Stephanie on April 30, 2019


I think my love of dramas is seeping, ever so slowly, back into me…and let me tell you, I’m thrilled (and slightly terrified as scheduling is a thing). I remember a time, so long ago, when I literally had no life, and all I did was watch dramas. I’d get up in the morning before work to get in an episode, I’d rush home and watch another episode, and on the weekend? You guessed it, drama marathons. Then life happened, and dramas and I had a bit of a…I wouldn’t go so far as to say a break-up, but we definitely had a cooling off period. I watched because I should, not so much because I wanted to. It was a sad state of affairs. But now? I’m not sure if it’s me or the dramas that are coming at us, but, while I’m still trying to figure out where to fit time in front of my tv, I’m actually irritated when it doesn’t happen.

Here’s allll of the dramas I’m currently attempting to consume:

The one that started it all off, Possessed, which, no lie, I like more and more as I watch. When I first started the show, I figured the writers weren’t going to be able to put in a romantic storyline as I just didn’t see the hero as a romantic lead, however, after easing into these episodes, I see it! They will be great together, and I totally ship the pair! He is slightly ridiculous but eager and just a good guy. The moment I knew he was swoon-worthy? When he couldn’t kill the ghosts and instead managed to turn his house into some sort of ghostly halfway house. While she might have had feelings for him first, or had been eager to meet someone with the same powers as herself, after he remained so clueless, you can still see her rolling her eyes at him and at herself for her own growing feelings. The show is creepy, scary, and sad. While I wouldn’t have guessed the new serial killer, if you’re watching too, I’m guessing you can also see right where the show is going. A ghost who learns how to go into bodies and the main character who just so happens to be so ‘simple’ spirits can enter them? Hmmm…. while I like being right about things, I don’t like for the plots to be so glaring its a no brainer.

Her Private Life I haven’t gotten as far in this show as I have in Possessed, but the episodes I have seen? Delightful. She is us. All of us. Competent working girls during the day, fan-girly goofballs at night. (And possibly during the day beneath that guise of the professional woman.) When she was at the bar with her friend, after her terrible day at work, and they console themselves with watching the newest video of their idol, which of us haven’t done that? Who’s house doesn’t have a room, a closet, or even just a secret drawer which hides their fandom? Of course, ours tend to be a little more multi-fandom than hers, but I’m currently looking at my Mang pillow, my Army and Monbebe stuffies, my Junsu pillow….and this is just my couch. I love the idea of someone seeing this and falling in love with her for it. Not to mention? Her hero is dreeeaaaaammmmy.

Persona is a Netflix ‘series’ based on the personality points of IU. It comes in 4 parts, each part is about 20-30 minutes long and, get this, stars IU. No! While I didn’t watch the whole thing, I actually made some space (I say like it’s not 20 minutes long) for the first part of the series. I chose this one as it also stars Bae Doona, whom I don’t often hide my interest in. Their story is one of a girl (IU), her dad, and the dreaded girlfriend of dad playing tennis. Though I didn’t love the episode, I’ll probably keep watching because…why not? It’s so short! While I’m not going to spoil at all, did any of you who did see it sense a little…something at the end of that episode? Did you also get the feeling that maybe she didn’t want her dad to marry Doona for another reason? Hmmm…it did at least leave me thinking!

Still with Netflix? (Go Netflix!) My First, First Love. Though others might give me crap for putting this one on the list as, admittedly, I fell asleep through the second episode, I’m going to add it here because I can’t wait to get back to it! What I saw, you know, before I snored on Alix, was excellent. I’m interested to see the storylines of these 4 friends. Unfortunately though? While I could see it try and be something different, I’m guessing Jinyoung is the b-lead and…I totally ship him as the relationship goal. He and the girl are so good together, I can totally see them ending up together in the end. I can see the main guy being her first love,  and Jinyoung being the one she ultimately ends up with. While this is going to break my heart when I don’t get my way, it’s been a while since I’ve shipped a b-lead, and isn’t b-lead syndrome all part of being a Kfan? So by me getting my heart broken, I’m actually coming full circle to my drama watching? This show is a mixture of funny and realistic and sad. When she reaches out for help at the bridge? I so felt for her…and that alone will keep it on the list.

Just when you think I’m done? I’M SO NOT DONE! I know! What’s going on with me!?!


After last week’s addition to the LGBT list, I may have scoped out some new dramas to watch. Again, I tried to find a subbed copy of Superstar & Ordinary People (no luck, come on guys), decided to find a subbed copy of Pornographer (no dice, again, come on guys) so I landed on a Thai drama called What the Duck? I made it about 4 episodes in and while it’s getting better, it’s still not great…plus??? It has Effing Jeed in it from Lovesick. No. Way! And guess what? She’s just as evil in this as she was in that drama. What the Duck? was interesting in how it started in the future and then backed up to the start of the story, but by then I may have had some preconceived ideas about the one guy who was chasing the other and wasn’t inclined to feel all awwwww when I needed to be by episode 4. I’m going to continue on though as…you know…I really have no idea why, but I feel like I need to so, who am I to tell myself otherwise? If current me wants to watch something, even if it’s terrible, who am I to stop me?

So many dramas. So little time. Especially considering I”m looking at the upcoming drama list and going….hmmmm that looks good!

What about you? What are you watching? And is it good?

Oh. Also? I may have watched three episodes last night of God’s Quiz because it was on Netflix, and I felt like I needed to support it. I started with season one and, I’m happy to say, the episodes, and my love of Dr. Han ages well.

Also, if you guys know where I can find HIStory 3: Trapped subbed, it would be greatly appreciated.


  • Reply SpiceAngel April 30, 2019 at 7:40 pm

    So glad your interest is being peaked again.

    I am loving “Her Private Life”. The lead guy is very dreamy. And the idol is played by One. I really enjoyed when he and Samuel had a duo group – 1Punch. Granted the age difference was a bit wide.. but they were so adorable.

    I am also watching Nana and Jang Ki Yong in “Kill it”. Nana is a really good actress and I could look at Ki Yong for hours.

    Park Jin Young is fabulous in “He is Psychometric” and the fellow who plays his Hyung is intriguing. JYP junior definitely should explore and continue acting. He has a very expressive face.

    Happy Watching.

    • Reply Stephanie May 5, 2019 at 5:08 pm

      I hadn’t heard of Kill It before, I’ll check it out, thanks for the heads up!

  • Reply Rachael Clack May 2, 2019 at 9:08 am

    I have finished watching Clean with Passion for Now (okay), My ID is Gangnam Beauty (a bit better) on Viki . Waiting for He is Psychometric and Her Private Life to finish airing as I findhaving to wait a week for the next episode really hard when I am into a series.

    Also watching Possessed on Netflix and really enjoying it but pretty sure it is going to have a sad ending which will upset me. But it is too good not to watch.

    I watched What the Duck – meh, it was okay but not one I would re-watch. If you find HIStory 3 subbed please let me know – I have watched both 1 & 2 on Viki and really enjoyed them to the point of re-watching more than once.

    • Reply Stephanie May 5, 2019 at 4:53 pm

      Alix really liked Clean with a Passion for now and talked about it until I said…maybe. Actually, your and her watching history is pretty similar! Someone partially kind of spoiled Possessed for me so I’m considering pausing on that, which suuuuper bummed me out as I liked it so much. Maybe. I went back and realized I’d never finished the teacher/student of HIStory season 2 and started watching the vollyball one, LOVING it. Can’t believe I hadn’t watched it before now. We’ll make a deal, you find season 3 you tell me, I find it, I tell you. Fairs-fair! 🙂

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