Dramas That Make Me Go… Ooooh!

Posted by Stephanie on May 1, 2019


You know how I said yesterday my love of dramas is coming back? That all that fever is rushing into my veins, so much so that I might have actually started another show last night?? No lie, I’m watching a million dramas right now. All the dramas. You’ve seen a drama? I’ve probably started the first episode of it. So many dramas I couldn’t possibly have room for another!

She says as she is actively eyeballing at least three more… The three in question?

Korea FINALLY got its own version of Absolute Boyfriend. For some reason, I’ve never really found myself interested in this series, in any of the countries that have made a remake of the original. I remember even scoffing at the idea of the Korean one a couple of years ago — of course, that was when the rumor was T.O.P had signed on to star. If you know anything about T.O.P (and I most certainly do), you know there is no way he would ever go anywhere near that drama. Why? Perfect man specimen robot dropped at heroine’s door? Billed with a whole bunch of shirtless robot body? No way T.O.P would take his shirt off for that. (And a real fan wouldn’t want him too anyway.) Now we don’t have to worry about such rumors or potential miscasting, nope, now we have an official remake of it, with Yeo Jin Goo set to lead. While I don’t know much about the other versions of the show or the actual plot of the drama, I’m officially rooting for this robot from the teaser.

How DELIGHTFUL does he look in this? Answer? Crazy delightful. In all the ways delightful. While I’m concerned about the douchy boyfriend the heroine appears to have; apparently, someone in her life loves her enough to send her a perfect robotic boyfriend in order to help her to move on.

I say this, again, having no idea what the actual plot is. Maybe we should take an actual look at it:

Dan Dan is a woman who works as a special effects make-up artist but has an icy heart. She then, unexpectedly, falls in love with Yeong Goo, a humanoid robot programmed to be a perfect boyfriend. Yeong Goo begins to develop human emotions, and they end up in a love triangle with her famous actor childhood friend, Ma Wang Joon, who also falls for her.

Huh. So looks like I’m off on that. Oh well, I’m still going to watch! Are you?

Next up?

A show with L from Infinite called Angel’s Last Mission: Love. The synopsis was enough (yes, I actually read it this time before being lured in by a teaser) to draw me into this drama:

Dan is an angel. He is also a troublemaker and also an optimist. Yeon Seo is a ballerina who does not believe in love.

Dan then receives a mission. If he succeeds, he can return to Heaven. His mission is to find true love for Yeon Seo, but Dan soon falls in love with her.

Of course, then I saw the teasers, and I was hooked for sure!


Who am I kidding? It was really this that made me go, ooooh yeah, I’m gonna watch that? When’s it on? Tomorrow? Please? Tomorrow, right? No? Dang it.


Let us repeat together:

Ooooh yeah, I’m gonna watch that? When’s it on? Tomorrow? Please? Tomorrow, right? No? Dang it.

Anyone else notice what I just did? Two dramas in a row with characters named Dan? Weird, right? On top of that, BOTH dramas premiere on May 15th. Spppooooky!

Last up? Still in the early stages, BTOB’s Yook Sungjae is currently in talks to star in an upcoming JBTC drama called Ssang Gap Pocha, which is based on a web drama. For plot think it’s essentially Late Night Restaurant but a food tent that mystically moves around. Guys! I really liked Late Night Restaurant and there was no mysticism or cute hero involved at all. Taking that into consideration, how excited do you think I am for this potential drama. Answer? WOOT WOOT!

Some great stuff coming down the pipeline! Anything you’re super excited about? Is it me or does there seem to be a lot of great content coming out now?



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