Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Summer Foods

Posted by SaraG on May 2, 2019


Getting back into eating right after taking a long, foody vacation is rough. But, the shift into summer produce definitely makes it infinitely easier. I can eat all of the watermelon, grapes, or cherries you want to put in front of me. Until I hurt. Seriously, I love fresh produce and you can eat a TON of it and not feel guilty…maybe a little gassy or bloated, but not guilty. In fact, you’ll feel hydrated and likely have really good skin for a minute. All bonuses to our newly awakening warm weather season and I am one of the few that has to look hard for these bonuses as I much prefer fall and winter to summer.

Another bonus to these overheated months is the music. Summer songs are a treat for most of our senses – well, for the ears and the eyes anyway. Summer bops mean skimpy costumes, poolside visuals, and incredibly upbeat tempos to distract us from the oppressive sun. As I was recently scrolling through my Facebook feed, I caught a few of Samuel Seo’s new promo shots for some stuff he’s putting out in the coming weeks. His pictures were stunning. Like perfection.

And these pictures got me into a mood..shockingly, not a particularly naughty mood, more of an “I remember when I first noticed this guy and totally fell in love with his songs” mood. An “ I’m actually ready to forgive this guy for bad talking Hui on Breakers” kind of mood. I never wrote him off, but I was a bit sore at him for being a jerk – though, truth be told, he was sore at himself for being a jerk once he realized how talented Hui really is.

Anyway, that’s all beside the point. What I’m really going for here is that Samuel Seo does the most fantastic summer food-themed songs of any Korean singer-songwriter I’ve come across. And as Stephanie has a tendency to crave any food mentioned in conversation or in a song, I thought I’d support her continued efforts to be healthy with something she can get behind. So here’s some fruit to sink your teeth into.

Mango, Samuel Seo (ft. Qim Isle)

Happy Avocado, Samuel Seo


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  • Reply Stephanie May 2, 2019 at 9:56 pm

    I ALWAYS think Samuel Seo is someone else. Not sure as to why…especially if he’s eating poached eggs and avocado toast, apparently he’s my kind of man!

    Too bad you were sleeping when I was putting together the Inked Khotties this weekend, he would have been a nice addition!

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