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Posted by Stephanie on May 5, 2019


I know, the popularity, or the willingness of people to listen to mashups when out about 2 years before Glee went off the air. However, on Friday, as I was meandering through Youtube waiting for SaraG to come back downstairs, I stumbled upon a Kpop mashup channel and got hooked!

Here’s the first one that caught my interest and actually got me hooked in:

I found I really like this channel and the person who created the music. I’ve heard kpop mashups before where they were simply taking one song and splicing parts of it into another. This person, though, takes the two songs and actually entwines them into becoming one song.

They do groups with other groups.

Or groups with groups with groups with groups

Or mashing up two songs from the same group.

Some songs are more successful than others, but it has my interest enough to keep digging through their backlog. Personally? I’m crossing my fingers for a MONTEEN mashup! Come on, who wouldn’t want to see that? These two groups (Monsta X and Seventeen) love each other so much they deserve to be mushed together in one messy love song!

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