Miss and Mrs Cops? A Must See For Me!

Posted by Stephanie on May 8, 2019


This movie, Miss and Mrs. Cops needs to come here, I need to see it, possibly while dragging all of my friends along with me. Enough said. There are not a lot of movies where I say that, so you know, this must look EXCEPTIONAL.

And it does.

I love different the posters for it


And the teasers:

Come on! She’s introduced on a hoverboard! You can’t tell me you didn’t watch that and come out with excited butterflies in that belly of yours.

And with this teaser, we have a little more insight into the, unfortunately, very timely plot.

Here is the synopsis:

The story of a female police officer who used to work on the police squad, but moves to the Public Service Center after getting married. She teams up with her sister-in-law to solve a case when a revenge porno victim commits suicide.

Woah. That is hella timely with everything going on lately with the Burning Sun disgusting mess. I can’t help but wonder what the entire production team was thinking when all that news blew up. Do you think the similarities will bring people to the theaters to watch the movie, or will it drive them away? I’m hoping it’s the first and that people will head to this movie in droves. I love the tone, the idea of these two women banding together to do what’s right, to bring down victimizers. It’s timely, and it’s welcome.

Also? It looks so freaking entertaining! I’m actually going to cross my fingers the movie is going to come here to the states, so much so that I’m going to keep my eyes out for it here in Denver (hey, they got Swing Kids, weirder things have happened) or maybe it will be playing in Houston when I go there later this month. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ll watch it when it comes out on the computer or Netflix, but I think something like this? Man, I’d love to see it on the big screen.

Not to mention sooner rather than later!

Added bonus for you, Behind The Scenes:


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