Musical Monday – To Avoid Suffocation

Posted by SaraG on May 20, 2019


I am a sucker.

I’d add a “sucker for XXX,” but I think we all know that I’m just a sucker in general. For the purposes of this post though, I’m specifically talking about the fact that I’m a sucker for a musical survival show and for an underdog story. Even though I know the outcome and even though I know I’m grossed out by Seungri and have an almost tangible anger toward YG, I’m finally watching MIXNINE. I’m not doing it because I like to be upset, I’m doing it because there are some very specific idols I want to become more familiar with. I want to absorb their origin stories and survival shows are a very good way to do that (in a super edited and contrived way).

Among others on the show that I adore (I’m looking at you LOONA and TREI), I went into MIXNINE specifically for A.C.E. These five gents are a group on BEAT Entertainment that gained attention by doing covers of popular Kpop groups on YouTube and through busking. This is a teeny tiny label that you’ve probably never heard of situated in a basement and neighboring a grilled fish restaurant that they frequent. The conditions are not ideal, but their love of singing, dancing and entertaining in general has literally scarred the floor and walls.

You might know A.C.E. from their debut song Cactus, which was fabulous but also featured the boys in shorts…referred to in Korea as hotpants. Many of us enjoy a glimpse of boy thigh, but there are those that didn’t like it. Those that had the audacity to ridicule it. Regardless, they got a ton of attention for it and as one of the members said (Donghun maybe?), “it doesn’t matter if I’m embarrassed if the group is getting attention.”

Cue tears.

I mean mine.

All of that aside, A.C.E. put out a new  EP on May 17 that has served to continue my spiraling into the depths of fandom. First, the styling is gorgeous. These guys do it for me anyway, but this styling is superb. It’s all black, eye makeup, uniforms, and 80’s glam. The choreo is stellar. They are all dancers, but I could watch Byeongkwan dance all day long. All. Day. Long.

He’s very special.

The music itself is that sweet spot of slightly heavier dance pop. It’s great for an MV but equally entertaining in your car, your earbuds, quietly coming out of your phone as you type an email to your boss.

And it turns out, the whole EP is that good.

YEEEEESSSS. I think I might be a goner as well as a sucker.

(see the MV to understand the title of the post)

Under Cover, A.C.E.

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