Not T.O.P-less for Much Longer

Posted by Stephanie on May 22, 2019


It’s beginning guys, it’s beginning! The first of our BigBang members (I’m not going to say our favorite as I’ll leave you to make that decision on your own, however, I trust you’ll make the correct choice) is almost out of the military.

But what is he coming back to?

From the very beginning, we knew it was going to be hard for BigBang to come back. Historically, it’s hard for Kpop groups to rise to the ranks of their original popularity, post-military. Almost nearly impossible to make the jump from superstar boyband to successful manband. It’s not that they don’t try, it’s just…Kpop moves quickly.

This being said. We had big hopes for BigBang. Then T.O.P. went in as a conscripted police officer, had his weed scandal, we almost lost him to a suicide attempt and, after he thankfully came through both, he was reassigned as a public works worker, spending the rest of his days doing arts and crafts with the young and old at a community center. Fans of T.O.P.? We thought this was the perfect choice for him and his arty self. Due to his time out while the investigation was going on and he was recovering, the powers that be decided that the time missed would need to be added to the back end of his duty. This is why, though he and Junsu went in on the very same day, Junsu’s been out months and months now. Sounds harsh, but this was really the best of three options: He didn’t need to do jail time, and he didn’t need to restart his military service from the very beginning.

So, we fans continued to wait, and while it required us to be a little more patient, we knew he was in a better place.

Then we had G.D. go in for his service. Though there was lots of fanfare over him going into the toughest branch of the military (not sure who even thought this was a great idea), it wasn’t long before he bounced out, in the hospital for ankle issues, taking him off active duty for quite some time — stirring up rumors and outcries over favoritism and lack of promotions. T.O.P. also had his own problem with this, being accused of taking too much vacation time, forcing the military to back up his time off requests, reporting everyone his actions were above board.

Now we’re two for two.

The next two who go in? Daesung and Taeyang. Blissfully scandal-free, seemingly the best sort of soldiers, allowing us fans to think…hmm… maybe they can do it. Perhaps they can find some way to come back, to add T.O.P. back into the fold as a group, to introduce him back to the public in a way that the Korean public would accept. (International fans, of course saying: JUST BRING HIM BACK ALREADY.) Our hopes of a BigBang reunited started to grow….if only Seungri would go to the military, do his time, and come back. They pushed it, they pushed it, they pushed it.

Then Burning Sun burned the whole thing down.

We realized, not just how much of a crappy person Seungri was behind the idol facade but, with every growing allegation, every charge, him stepping down from BigBang, from Y.G., the chances of our guys able to make a comeback after all this? Practically zero. Our V.I.P. hearts were broken.

Do I think they can come back as a group? No. I don’t think so. I don’t think they will ever be able to get out from underneath the taint of Seungri. It would forever be a lingering cloud of ugh. And if they did? There are still the other ‘scandals’ to contend with. If any band could do accomplish this? Sure, I think it could be, hands down, BigBang. But the likelihood of it? Not big.

Do I think that they are going to return to civilian life jobless? Not at all. While I think as a team, they are broken, the individual pieces are still strong. They can continue on as they were, doing solo projects. GDragon is still GDragon. Daesung is still D-Lite in Japan. Taeyang? Well, he’s got his own solo work and as, the only married member, has a life outside of Kpop.

And T.O.P.? Do I see him still making music once he’s out? I wish I did, but I really don’t. Solo, he did one song since that release with G.D. Doom Dada is fantastic, but to support himself he’s going to have to come out with more than one song every couple of years. No, I see him continuing on with his acting attempts as I think the acting/film world is a little more forgiving than the idol one — if that guy who got caught using METH can join the cast of Kingdom, I think T.O.P. is going to be just fine.

In summation: I’m really excited for T.O.P. to come back from the military. I’ve missed him. I hope he’s able to come back to do whatever it is he wants to do be it music, acting, or even just being artsy in a corner by himself. He’s been through a lot and deserves to be happy.

through a lot and deserves to be happy.


  • Reply -S May 26, 2019 at 12:13 am

    I agree with you. I think that even if he does turn to acting, TOP might still feature in some GD songs, and the Big Bang members will still do occasional collaborations. But they’re essentially over as a unit.

  • Reply DBChen May 29, 2019 at 12:26 pm

    I hope he does more art, and acting, and maybe an OST. I would love to hear him croon a ballad in his baritone.

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