Throwback (Musical) Thursday – An Oversight

Posted by SaraG on May 23, 2019


As I was trying to pull together an idea for today’s post I was feeling kind of uninspired. I mean, all I want to do is listen to and talk about A.C.E. (whom I wrote about on Monday) and IMFACT whom I’ve talked about incessantly both on the blog and in person (you’d better believe I got VIP tickets to that show.) It’s hard to remember everything I want to share when I’m being a bit single-minded.

But then I remembered (and confirmed) that I haven’t really ever said anything about Stray Kids on the site other than a mention in a group post. That seems…odd. I mean, they’re Stray Kids. Alix exclusively listened to them for months. KpopontheDL has been on top of that shit for years…long before debut. Stephanie and the McFeely’s, whom I now count amongst my #Klife friends, are fully invested. All of this with good reason. They are extremely talented, they were underdog trainees at a major label, they suffered and persevered through a survival show, they are self-produced, they are gorgeous, they are everything we want in Kpop. How have I never talked about that?

If I had to guess, I’d say that the reason is timing and my whimsy. Something, or a million things, has always come up around a Stray Kids release that has kind of stood in the way of my fully bonding. My attention has always been split between them and someone I’m jonesing on so though I’ve acknowledged their wonderfulness and fully recognize that I’m only hurting myself,  though I’ve selected who I would consider my group bias (Han/Jisung), and I’ve listened to a lot of their songs an almost countless number of times, they weren’t on my list of groups to see this year and as my funds are limited because I have expensive hobbies, they likely will not ever be. So while most of the people I am closest to were in Houston last weekend to catch the show of the summer, I was home begrudgingly planting my garden and happily going to see a live taping of the Last Podcast on the Left (don’t look that up unless you like true crime, conspiracies, and superbly crass humor).

But that’s the beauty of Kpop, isn’t it? There are so many groups that are insanely talented, that can be enjoyed and loved and supported, that it’s ok for me to not bond with all of them. It’s perfectly acceptable for me to say, hey, this time, I’m not going to lose my heart to someone…this other group over here has all of me right now. That’s not to say that in a year I won’t be weeping into my pillow that I missed this opportunity or that I might kick myself for not being 100% fangirl from the start, but that’s ok, that’s all part of this second adolescence. You have to accept the lows with all of those highs.

And there are plenty of lows and plenty of highs to go around. I don’t have to hold on to all of them with all of my might.

It doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the music or the idols.

Hellevator, Stray Kids

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