Don’t Forget About Gongchan!

Posted by Stephanie on May 24, 2019

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I spent a great weekend with Alix and Leila (KpopontheDL) in Houston to see the lay of the Kland there, eat some brunch, and watch some Stray Kids. During some of our discussions, I was reminded during this weekend of my once fierce and unexpected love of B1A4. Remember those days? I hate to say it, but I barely do! B1A4 is one of those groups that were strong for a while and then….just faded away. I want to say it happened when Baro and Jinyoung left the group but, if I’m honest, I lost interest a few songs before that and now when I see the last remaining members I’m just…sad about how it all kind of slipped away.

It seems as though everyone is off now, doing their own thing. CNU in the military, Sandeul with his radio programs, but what’s going on with the oft left out member, Gongchan?

Turns out? He’s still humming right along!

Lately, he’s trying his hand at acting and, while he hasn’t made a huge splash like his former members, he has some solid mini-dramas under his belt… as a matter of fact, has just signed on for another one!

Way to go, Gongchan! (For some reason, I forgot what weird pleasure I take in saying his name. Gongchan. Gongchan. Gongchan.)

Travel Through Romance Season 1.5 is a web drama, where Gongchan will play a doctor of oriental medicine who is reunited with his first love. Huh. Sounds like classic web drama material. Currently there isn’t a teaser or anything, however, they do have a character poster for him.


Very vanilla cute, which seems fitting Gongchan.

While I’m not certain I’m going to watch the show (Sorry guys, there are so many good dramas going on right now, so many new ones coming out, one must be very picky with their time.) I’m just taking happiness in the idea that someone I used to love is still out there, keeping at it.

Keep on, keeping on, Gangchan! (At least until you have to go to the military.)

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