Say It Ain’t So, DO!

Posted by Stephanie on May 29, 2019


Ouch. This one hurts, right in that burning nugget of what used to be my heart. One of my two favorite members of EXO, that lovable little scamp, the only idol who managed to keep his natural hair through almost all comebacks, DO is headed off to the military.

Betcha didn’t see that coming… or maybe that’s just me.

Not sure why this one was both so surprising and painful. Except I do. He’s, again, one of my two favorite members and for the longest time one of the only two, I could actually identify from EXO. This love of DO was not a massive stretch for me, nor should be a massive surprise to you considering my love of the subspecies of kpop idols, pocket anger muffins. He’s short, he’s irritable, and I love him.

The reason why the news is so surprising? He’s actually only 26! While the average Korean male goes to the military before or during college years, idols or actors? Yeah, it’s rare for them to do so; usually, they hold out for the verrry last minute. Understandable, especially in terms of the idol. While actors are almost more desirable post-military, idols have a very real and very short shelf life — so its no surprise that many of them try to push it off as long as possible. While DO has 5 chances to defer his service, he’s decided to go a different way.

Ie. July 1st. Waah!

I guess it’s not super surprising to me if you think about it. The first member of EXO to join up has done so, now they’re going to start dropping like flies, so it’s not like he’s going to be super busy with the group. Sure, they could have a subunit come out, but is he even a member of a sub? (This makes me wish I’d studied the inner workings of EXO harder so I’d know these things.) Might as well get in there and get it over with.
On top of that? DO has already established a career for himself outside of the idol realm. Sure he’ll always be connected to EXO, but how many people out there are more connected to him from his acting projects? He’s worked hard there, created a solid career, and when he comes back, there will be many productions clamoring for him.

While I will actually miss him while he’s gone, the truth of the matter is, military time is, for real, getting shorter. He’s going to be out in no time! (At least that’s what we continue to tell ourselves.) Let’s just focus on that, okay? Not think about the still year and a half that stretches between. No, don’t even think about it! Instead, let’s go back and watch him be cranky in EXO videos, or, even better, let’s focus on what sort of drama or movie he should join when he gets back!



….extra points if you know who my other favorite member of EXO is!

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