Throwback (Musical) Thursday – It’s An Ongoing Thing

Posted by SaraG on May 30, 2019


Hip Hop is more than just a genre of music. It’s fashion, it’s language and colloquialisms, it’s a way of holding and presenting yourself, it’s a way of life. I, no matter how much I love the music, am not hip hop. I’m an outsider looking in and very much enjoying what I see, but knowing that I can never be that thing. And that’s ok, I’m a different thing that gets along with hip hop just fine. We are comfortable together. We overlap and have things in common. We just aren’t the same.

One thing that hip hop, or at the very least AOMG, and I have in common is our love of pets. Now, this Throwback isn’t way back, it’s ongoing, but it needs to be shared. AOMG, a label founded in 2013 by the one and only Jay Park, has fifteen artists and one MMA fighter in its ranks. Many of those artists are regular mentions both on this site and on the Podcast, names like Gray, Loco, Code Kunst, and Simon Dominic. Many of them appear on the Korean variety shows we love, but it’s hard to get much screen time when they are largely blurred out because of tattoos or they don’t get much attention because they aren’t trained to grab it the way many idols are. So what have they done? What are they, in fact, actually doing? They’re showing us their pets. Their many, many pets. It’s killing me.  

I, myself, have a dog and three cats. I love animals. I want to love on them all the time and they, in turn, are annoyed with me and that’s what I have in common with hip hop. We both seem to annoy our pets with egregious amounts of hugs and kisses. So though this isn’t an actual music post, it IS music adjacent and they are videos done by musicians. Musicians we love.  And I promise their music is playing in the background so you can count it as an MV.

I welcome you into the homes of Loco with Latte, Code Kunst with Seeroo and Panda, and Woo with Namu, Ami, and Tabul. I honestly don’t know who to fall in love with. I am beside myself trying to watch the artists and all of those yummy fur babies at the same time. So beautiful.

Proof that we are all suckers for a tiny face.

Ep. 1 and 2 featuring Loco X Latte and Loco’s Mom


Ep. 3 featuring Code Kunst X Seeroo X Panda

Ep. 4 featuring Woo X Nabu X Ami X Tabul

I am waiting with bated breath for more episodes to be released.

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  • Reply Stephanie May 30, 2019 at 9:49 pm

    I love that not only do they have cats but seeing them DOTE on them is adorable. Woo may seem all casual about it, but look in the background, he has a full on cat set up.

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