Hotel Del Luna, Opening For Business

Posted by Stephanie on June 4, 2019

Casting News

Weird and twisty, the Hong Sisters are back at it again! I’m not certain how this creaked under my radar, I knew there were rumblings of them coming back, but I didn’t realize not only did they have a lead couple, but the drama is almost ready to hit our screens! (What sneaky sisters we have here.)

Their dramas are hit or miss for me and this one? From the sounds of the premise, I hope it’s a hit!

So what is the drama about? A hotel for ghosts! Hmmm… why do ghosts need hotels? And if popular wives tales are to be believed, don’t ghosts like to hang out in hotels, reservations or no? The hotel in question (going out on a limb I’m guessing it’s named Hotel Del Luna) is run by a woman who did something so terrible in her past she is stuck running the hotel until she can find someone who was worse than her. Only catch? She doesn’t know what it is she did to get there! Think its a case of Arang and the Magistrate? Or perhaps our heroine is just so bad she can’t figure out which of the litany of offenses she accomplished in her life gained her new job?

Surprisingly, our teaser tells us nothing. Come on, man!

Sure the premise is interesting, but really it’s the cast which most catches my eye. Yeo Jin Goo and IU?

Hmm… well I’m a huge Yeo Jin Goo fan and I knew IU was aiming for more adult roles after her work in Persona. It was almost her screaming out, I’m not a kid anymore, take my acting seriously! Luckily, to be effective in a Hong Sister’s show you really need to have both versions of the personality, a little serious, a little (or a whole lot) ridiculous. This could be another good step forward for her. And Yeo Jin Goo? Going right from Absolute Boyfriend to a Hong Sister’s drama? He is having a banner year!

Side note: I thought he had been to the military already? I thought for sure he’d been off before this year, but looking up information, turns out, nope, I was wrong!  Anyway, I’m going to be interested to see what happens here! It can’t be too much longer before we have more teasers…or a real teaser. Heck, I’ll even take a poster!

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