Episode 195: Kpop Concerts X 3

Posted by Stephanie on June 6, 2019


In the time where we were apart, Cherry and Stephanie went to a whole bunch of Kpop Concerts (okay, three). This episode they talk about their experiences at the BTS stadium tour, all the acts at KTMF including Taemin and Super Junior, and important lessons learned at the Stray Kids Houston concert including, phones are evil and Houston is not a bad place to see a concert.

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Listener Question

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Song of a Day

Monsta X – Shoot Out Relay Dance

Links Mentioned

Tae Jin Ah Costume

Cherry’s BTS Birthday Cards 


We Bare Bears Monsta X Episode

We Bare For Monsta X

BTS Speak Yourself Tour Anpanman stage


Dramas Mentioned

Knowing Brothers

Answer Me 1997

People Mentioned


Monsta X





Stray Kids



Kim Yeongchul


DJ Doc

Super Junior


Kim Bum Soo

Rose Motel


Jung Eun Ji


Tae Jin Ah

Choi Jin Hee

Ha Sung Woon




Stephanie would like to apologize for the following:
  • Anyone who loves the lingering smell of BBQ.
  • Any McFeeley who wanted her to report if Stray Kid still do the hoverboard move. (Answer? Who knows)
    Anyone she once irritated by holding up her phone at a concert. Bad form guys, bad form.
  • Cherry Cordial for the pressure she is about to apply for a Denver visit.
Thanks for listening! See you next time. 

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