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Posted by SaraG on June 10, 2019


The most recent concert I had the pleasure of attending got me really thinking about the importance of establishing a solid fanbase. If an artist or group is able to come out of the gates swinging with music that is not only interesting and original but also good they’re likely to get some attention – to get people interested in coming back for more. If said artist or group is able to do it consistently enough to make fans fall in love, they’ll be fans for life. They’ll stick through the eventual slump, concept missteps, and military hiatus. That’s a fact.

I went to see the one and only Garth Brooks on Saturday night along with Alix, some other non-#Klife friends, and 83,996 other people. The last time I saw him in concert was mumble mumble years ago when I was in high school and his Greatest Hits album was one of the many cds baby SaraG had on heavy rotation alongside Ani Difranco, Nirvana, the Foo Fighters, and Modest Mouse. It was around that time that the legendary Garth Brooks decided to try his hand at a whole new image – a change in concept and name similar to attempts made by many a Kpop artist – and then decided to step out of the limelight entirely. This many years later, he was able to fill stadiums across the country with record-breaking numbers and put on one of the most amazing shows I’ve seen in a long time. All of this without a calendar of promotional activities like teaser videos, highly styled photo releases, or a Vlive countdown. He just did it and people came. Now that’s a fan base.

It’s hard enough in the Kpop world to make a splash when groups are debuting or coming back alongside countless of others with roughly the same number of members, similar concepts, the same dozen producers, etc. The group OnlyOneOf did a decidedly great job in setting the stage for their debut at the end of May. Without knowing much about them, KpopontheDL and I were both all in, counting down to the debut and starting the initial steps to get to know the members. Very initial, but still.

The group, with seven members in total, is the first boy group on 8D Creative’s RSVP sub-label. They are known as Loona’s cousin group because the members have appeared in various videos and films for the legendary girl group. They debuted on May 28 with two songs, Savanna and Time Leap. The two songs are completely different – one a little dirtier and grainy and interesting and the other all clean lines and more typical for current Kpop.  Both are great.

They’ve taken a great first step in developing a solid fanbase that’ll be at their side through the thick and thin of the Kpop idol group life span. And who knows, maybe even longer. I mean, if Garth can do it…

Savanna, OnlyOneOf

Time Leap, OnlyOneOf

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