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Posted by Stephanie on June 12, 2019


So some sort of switch may have been flipped inside my brain and I’m not certain it’s a good thing. It’s wreaking havoc with my schedule, my sleep, my site work. I know that there is a thing called balance but you know what? That’s never been a skill I’ve possessed. Which, a power put towards the greater good, is an exceptional quality to have. When it’s not? Watch out everyone, Stephanie’s on a one-way train to Nowheresville.

What’s going on this time? I CAN NOT STOP WATCHING TV!!!

This might seem like no big deal but what did I do this weekend? Watch dramas. What have I done the last couple of nights instead of getting ready for work or doing my posts like a good little blogger? Watching dramas. I sit there on my couch and think to myself, okay, one more episode and I have to get up and do… No, really this time I have to at least pack my gym bag. Come on Stephanie, if you don’t get up RIGHT NOW, you’re going to regret it in the morning when you’re rushing around trying to get stuff done. And yet…there I sit.

I’m more than sure this is a relatable affliction — unless you are one of those people with rigorous self-control.

I remember there was a time, not too long ago where I barely watched anything, I just couldn’t get it into my schedule. That time where drama watching was one of the things on the list that I kept pushing aside, one of those things I felt bad about skipping, but not enough to actually make room for it. Now? I seem to be making up for lost time.

I’m not even watching Kdrama either! (And no, not everything I’m watching is BL.) What I’m watching isn’t new or even super well known. Whatever tickles my fancy at the moment? I sit down and binge it. I even broke my self imposed no watching at the gym rule! No lie, while recording this weeks podcast (I begrudgingly put down my remote — which was a task because I was watching a perplexing Chinese drama and it was at that moment where everything was explained?) I think I shocked Cherry with my giant list of shows I needed to talk about.

Now this post isn’t going to be a review, some of these I liked enough to do an actual review on and some I’m still watching, but I thought I’d share all of the shows I touched in the last two weeks. (spoiler alert for this week’s podcast).

Jay Park: Chosen1 

This one is no surprise as I actually did do a review on it. If you have Youtube Red, find Jay Park interesting, I definitely suggest you check out this short (4 episodes) documentary out.

On Your Wedding Day

A movie which tells the story of a relationship through a series of flashbacks. This movie is delightful. Kim Yong Kwan is DELIGHTFUL. Alix found this on a list of recommendations to watch after you finish Her Private Life and while I’m not certain what one has to do with the other if you want to spend a solid two hours looking at Kim Yong Kwan’s face? I recommend it. (Though the girl drove me a little batty.)

Love 020

WHAT. THE. FUDGE. This is officially my third time watching this show. Why did my brain feel the need to watch this Chinese drama again? I DON’T EVEN KNOW! (Actually, I think I was looking for something light and fluffy that wasn’t BL as I’ve been watching a butt-ton of BL lately and don’t want that turning into an obsession.) This is one of those shows that are cute and fluffy and nothing happens really at all. The leads are cute, the way he smiles at her the whole way through is swoon-worthy and seriously, nothing bad happens at all. If you like those sort of shows, give this a try.

The Best Twins

Might as well start in on the BL portion of this list. This one is a big old Eh for me. It’s not terrible but nowadays there is so much out there to choose from, why choose this weirdly plotted drama that has so many “It’s just my imagination” fake-outs that you don’t know what’s real and gets really annoying. Though on the upside, there’s a whole lot of shirtlessness going on, so two thumbs up for man-nipples.


Gah! Guys. Gah! This is so good. Remember when I said above why watch Best Twins when there are so many other good BL’s to watch? THIS IS ONE OF THOSE SHOWS. I’m totally going to have to do a post where I just squee about the whole thing for about a thousand words, so look forward to that.

Criminologist Himura and Mystery Writer Arisugawa

This one I started with Sara a couple of weeks back and decided to pick it up again. Then binged it. Watched the whole thing in one day. It’s Japanese so be prepared for some delightfully bad hair, has a lot of Sherlock references, and despite how much I hoped, did not turn into a BL. Come on! These guys loved each other, I feel it in my bones! Maybe in season two 😉


As I told Sara, after Criminologist Himura and Mystery Writer Arisugawa above ended without a coupling in sight, I was going to have to refresh my palate with some BL. I’ve seen this one before, and have been heckling another BL fan to watch so I figured, what’s good for the goose… I want to say it holds up after all these years and will still remain on my top 10 list, but a lot of good stuff has come out, perhaps I’m going to have to take another look at that list…

Sister Is Alive

Actually, this one I started last night and am about halfway through the first episode. I’ve been meaning to watch it for a while, one of those dramas I looked at when I wasn’t watching dramas and went…someday. Well, someday is here bishes! This looks like it could be either terrible or cracktastic. A classic makjang weekend drama with over dramatics and questionable acting. Let’s see how far I make it!


You thought I was done? Not even close. This is another one I just started…because apparently, this is what I do now. I’ve been on a string of non-romance dramas and when I was looking for something to watch at the gym (breaking once again my rule), I decided to pick this one up. I do enjoy Go Ara, her take on the character is not what I would have chosen, but so far, I’m interested to see where it’s going to go.

All About Love

Talk about binging. This show is six one and a half hour episodes that I watched in two days, not so much because it was a great drama, but more because I had to figure out what the heck was going on! Now that I’ve finished? I’m still not certain I know. Ghost, good ghosts, bad ghosts, baby ghosts, maybe ghost hunters? The father and son ghost keepers? Not sure what they were doing there. I hate to say it, while it was an interesting world that they built, I’m not sure the story was put together enough for the whole thing to make sense. I might do a review on this as I’m still trying to wrap my brain around it. Did you see it? What did you think?

I know that there are more things I watched but, as I didn’t work on a post last night due to this watching sickness, I should probably get back to work! Yeesh. Balance, Stephanie, balance. How are you guys doing out there? Ever go through one of these phases? Are you in one right now? If so, good luck to you, my friend, may I meet you on the other side.

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