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Posted by SaraG on June 13, 2019


Here’s a little look behind the curtain, I usually write my posts on the weekend and schedule them to be posted on Monday and Thursday. This is both insanely convenient for my hectic weekday schedule and inhibitive of my being super timely on late breaking topics. I’m completely ok with that, I’m not here to fan the flames of scandal or get in front of any sort of major news. I don’t get paid enough for the energy it takes to keep up with that stuff. I’m purely in it for the music (and the fantasy) that really is at the root of Kpop.

That all being said, I was pulled in million directions this past weekend and I only got my post for Monday written at the last minute, promising myself I’d knock out Thursday ASAP. And then I forgot on Monday night.  And Tuesday night. Now it’s Wednesday and I’ve been pondering all day whether or not I should write my thoughts and opinions on the news that B.I of Ikon, someone very near and dear to us, someone extremely important to one of my nearest and dearest, a favorite in a sea of favorites, has ended his contract and left his group and agency because of a drug scandal.

Maybe it’s because I’m American and have been surrounded by all sorts of drugs my whole life or maybe it’s because I have this whole love of true crime and conspiracy theories but honestly, I don’t think it’s the possibility that he took LSD or smoked marijuana that ended B.I’s contract with YG. I mean, I know absolutely zero insider information and every thought I have is based on pure conjecture, but this isn’t the first drug situation that Kpop has dealt with and frankly speaking, it isn’t the first that the YG Family has experienced. Dude, I’d like to introduce you to a little known group called Big Bang…TWO OF THE MEMBERS HAVE HAD DRUG SCANDALS AND ARE STILL IN THE GROUP. GD’s scandal was years ago and after a blink of time spent reflecting, he continued on with his wildly successful career as if nothing at all had happened.

Of course, his CEO wasn’t facing major criminal charges at the time and trying desperately to shift media attention away from his alleged actions. Huh.

I don’t claim to know Ikon as well as many in my circle, my love is largely based on respect for the members and the deep need to fangirl alongside my completely in love KB and my future bride. But from what I’ve observed along the sidelines, B.I is insanely talented and crazy focused, but not entirely comfortable in his role as an idol. He strikes me as a gorgeous behind the scenes man. A writer. A producer. An artist. But, maybe not an idol in it for the long run. He kind of reminds me of Junhyung, our fallen Highlight counterpart, and it feels just a tiny bit like both scandals – dredged up from the past in both instances – might have been a convenient escape from the limelight. I don’t deny that the scandals exist and that they should face consequences. I don’t suffer under any delusion that they did things they probably shouldn’t have and might regret, but I don’t know that either warranted a complete bowing out from the groups that they wrote and produced for and in many ways helmed. It seems extreme.

But, as I said, it’s all conjecture – I don’t have all of the facts and I only know them as they have presented themselves to the public. This is all just something to chew on as we wait for the next bit of gossip.

In honor of the newest to join the fallen, an illustrious group to say the least, here’s a throwback from another ‘idol’ with a sordid, drug-filled past. Remember that scandal? No? 

See, B.I would have been fine in no time if the timing had been different or if he wanted to stay in the group. Maybe.

Bomb, Psy ft. Bobby and B.I (fan made video)

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  • Reply SpiceAngel June 13, 2019 at 6:35 am

    Very talented… Very young. I am also not aware of all the details, but I hope he weathers the storm and finds or creates a place where his musical gifts are nurtured and he is emotionally supported.

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