Musical Monday – Sticking With a Theme

Posted by SaraG on June 17, 2019


I’ve mentioned it before, but I do things in phases. I’ll be in a music phase, a reading phase, a drama phase, or a variety phase…whatever. For the most part, I still dabble in everything regardless, but I’m just not as focused or obsessive. On the other hand, when I do get all about something, it can get really specific. For example, for a huge chunk of 2018, I listened to new stuff for the first couple of hours in the morning and then spent the other 22 hours of the day listening to Dean on repeat. I kid you not. Right now I’m drama and music fixated. For music, it’s pretty specific and that makes it challenging to write regular posts with any sort of variety. You don’t seriously want me to just alternate between A.C.E. and Oneus and that’s kind of what I’m in the mood for. 

So I took a page out of Alix’s book and looked at the dramas I’ve recently watched and other things I’m into for inspiration. Namely, Park Min Young. I am WAY into her. I adore everything about her – in dramas and variety – and as a consequence, I adore almost everything connected to her. Even the title song of her latest drama, Help Me, which on first listen is pretty far out of my normal go-to genres. But damn, I didn’t even skip the intro a good chunk of the time just so I could bop along to it. It’s a pretty upbeat pop song performed by (G)i-dle and matches the tone of the drama perfectly. As much as I try to avoid Cube right now (still a bit miffed about the whole Pentagon situation – though I love Penta with all me), I do have a very soft spot for (G)i-dle. Can’t help it. I bonded before the debacle and I continue to enjoy them fairly consistently.

As a recommendation for both your listening and viewing pleasure (in full support of Alix’s post this past weekend), watch Her Private Life and take a moment to enjoy the music.


Help Me, (G)i-dle (Her Private Life OST)

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