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Posted by Stephanie on June 18, 2019


It finally happened, guys. I’m official. Signed, sealed, delivered, for better or for worse (or at least until the end of the next year), I’m an official Monbebe!

Yep, I’m officially a card-carrying member of the Monsta X fandom. And when I say card-carrying? I mean card carrying, it’s printed and everything.

What’s this? My name AND birthday printed on the shiny plastic? It doesn’t get official-er than that.

It actually happened a couple of months ago. We heard the fan club was opening for members and at $20 dollars for the year? Figured it was a steal of a way to support our boys. (Of course, while the membership for the year was $20 the actual shipping of my Monbebe packet was $40…but why quibble over details??

While Alix had become an official member of ARMY in a previous year (her welcome packet was SWEEEEET), I hadn’t really felt the urge to do so. Can’t I be a fan, can’t I consider myself part of the fandom without paperwork? Turns out, you’re not really officially until you curse your way through a foreign website that won’t, despite all your attempts, follow the screenshots found online of how it’s supposed to look taken by someone who had been able to do it before. There was actually a time last year when LizC and I went up to a Korean language booth at the Dragonboat Festival, got into a conversation with our future Korean teacher about BTS and she asked us if we were ARMY. When I replied “Of course”, thinking I’m a BTS fan, therefore I’m ARMY, and she proclaimed she wanted to have her picture taken with a real ARMY member? I realized quickly, that to some people, there’s a difference.

Eh. I still didn’t care that much. But when I found out that Monsta X’s fan club was only $20, I felt kind of bad and decided to join in. You know. For the boys.

As said website was so difficult, it’s really thanks to LizC that I made it through. She was able to zip right around and get her membership. (We were actually together, with Cherry waiting on the other end of the phone as we were all binge watching Kingdom together.) It took us at least a solid half hour to figure out what was going on with my attempts, but we did it! Monbebes for life! Or at least the 2019-2020 season.

Wait a couple of months and finally, it arrived. Our welcome packet. The gift from the boys directly for those official Monbebes. Not gonna lie, it was pretty exciting.

We got, as mentioned, the membership card, two DVDs of video fan meets — which is good because something tells me we’re not going to make one in Korea during our Monbebe tenure.

A set of boyfriend cards

Which also has a backup membership card, just in case word gets out, your wallet is stolen for said card, and you need to, in a pinch, prove you’re a ride or die Monbebe.

Granted, in this sort of emergency, you will have to settle for the one where you have to fill out YOUR OWN name and birthday. (So hold tight to that original card!) There were some reversible cards of the boys looking all cutey. Handily labeled with names on one side. I’m thinking you’re supposed to use as flashcards in order to school others on the members? While I can’t read Korean, I’m sure somewhere in the rules and bylaws states that the number two priority of being a Monbebe is to spread the Monsta X fandom. (Number one is, of course, to love all the boys unconditionally.)

Then, on top of all this, there was a picture book filled with these cute, for Monbebe only images of the boys being all cute with their socks and their inability to properly eat snacks. Since I’m much too lazy to photograph every page (and not entirely certain that another one of those rules is that I’m supposed to keep these images secret upon pain of death OR WORSE pain of making Kihyun cry) I took a video.

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All in all, what a lovely day! I’m so excited to be part of the club. And am now wondering…does this give me any special permission to nibble on Shownu’s arms during their LA show? Hmmm? Just a little?






  • Reply SpiceAngel June 19, 2019 at 7:48 am


    Hopefully they have an easy renew button for next year, so it will not be as complicated.

    • Reply Stephanie June 19, 2019 at 9:46 pm

      I’ll suggest it at the next meeting.

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