Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Mission Critical

Posted by SaraG on June 20, 2019


In general, I have always been a fairly even-keeled person with pretty standard coping mechanisms for when things get stressful. There’s wine, of course, and running. But I’ve also always leaned heavily on television, movies, and books for a wee bit of escapism (a lot of escapism) and on music for when I needed to either wallow in my mood or change it. There’s nothing like a well-chosen song to help you cry out whatever it is that’s got ya down or to bolster your inner warrior so you can tackle that challenge like a Kdrama heroine in episode 3 of just about any drama.

As I’ve matured and lost myself in this crazy world of Kentertainment or really Asian entertainment in general, the basic tools for seeing myself through the more stressful days have shifted somewhat. They may look pretty similar, but honestly, 24 year old me would look at current me, shake her head, and walk away. I bet I wouldn’t even get a snarky comment. In the day to day, I always have a drama or three that I’m chipping away at, I love the world of musical survival programs (lord, more cuts on Produce this week and I am not ready), and for better or worse, there are times when fan fiction almost completely replaces actual books. This is not at all what would bother less grown up SaraG. What would bother that girl is what happens when I’m stressed.

Dancing boys in costumes.

21st Century Girl, BTS (Halloween Version)

To be honest, when I first saw a video like this I was pretty sure somebody had lost a bet and, despite my laughing along with the whole thing, I felt kind of bad for them. They, or at least a large number of them, are adult men. They are college-aged or older and they are dressed as roasted chicken. Or Dinasours. Or teeth. Dancing.

Dejavu, Nu’est W (Costume Version)

It’s a lot for an adult woman raised in the farm fields of Pennsylvania where manly looks like stubble and flannel shirts and giant, labor hardened muscles. I was initially a bit put off by it all. I mean, how was this really a gift to the fans for watching an MV a certain number of times or for voting for them to win a music show. Who was winning with this?

Safari in Monbebe World, Monsta X

But slowly, with more exposure and a rapidly deepening love for many, many boy groups, my tolerance began to shift to acceptance and then to love. While before I would watch them when they popped up on my YouTube feed, I find myself actively seeking out these moments when I’m in a craptastic mood or when something has me down. I completely get that not all of the idols love these moments as much as I do, but it makes me appreciate it all the more. I mean, they are willing to do this to make me, as a fan, happy. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Bloom Bloom, The Boyz (Hero Costume Dance)

So this week, when my smallest kitten is missing, one of my staffers is celebrating a new job,  my boss and my husband are both sick, and my kiddos are reaching the ‘it’s boring’ part of summer break, my sweet KpopontheDL came to the rescue with the best medicine ever. Not a throwback, but just what I needed.

Twilight, Oneus (Costume version)

Yes, please.

This is why young me is embarrassed by old me. Luckily old me doesn’t give a shit.

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