Chottie of the Week: Xu Wei Zhou

Posted by Alix on June 22, 2019

Khottie of the Week/ Music

After the ups and downs of the past 11 days, I needed to watch something that would be a complete and total distraction. Stephanie has been pushing Addicted at me for a long time now and given it’s a Chinese BL, it seemed like it would be the perfect distraction…and it was.

Addicted stars Xu Wei Zhou, better known as Timmy Xu, today’s chottie and Johnny Huang, who I featured last summer.

Timmy will be 25 in October and is an actor…and I was surprised to discover also a very successful singer.

I learned he was the first solo artist from mainland China to hold a concert in S. Korea and to be officially invited to the Billboard Music Awards in 2017…I was pleasantly surprised by his music.

And it doesn’t hurt that he’s hot.

In case you missed it…

One last one because why not.

And I also discovered he’s cute…

Dare I even say beautiful. 

And knows how to handle his guitar.

I don’t usually do multiple videos in my posts but I fell in love with this song on first listen…and he’s hot, cute and beautiful throughout.

I was thrilled to discover he has a drama that just started airing called My Girlfriend…guess who will be watching.

You can follow him on Instagram @timmyxu.

And if you need a good distraction I’d encourage you to watch Timmy…



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