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Posted by Stephanie on June 25, 2019


As we edge closer and closer for what was either to be the reboot or season two of the much loved BL drama, 2Moons, handily called 2Moons2 we had more questions than answers. Why was the cast changed? Who are these new people? Will this be a continuation of the story or, because they have had to completely recast the whole thing, will it be a reimagining, a fresh start if you will. Now with the release of a special behind the scenes episode called Before the Moon Rises, we have some answers.

So, turns out? The answer to our story questions…both. They are going to go back and retell or recap the original series in the first few episodes, this time layering in some of the other couple’s storylines — which sounds pretty good to me! In the first telling, we primarily got the first couple, Pha and Wayo, got a little bit of the KitKat couple, and absolutely nothing on the third. As the series is an adaption from a series of books written by Chiffon_cake, it makes me think that each book was a different couple — and as the only translated copy I have of the book was where someone edited the book to be more like the series, so I couldn’t tell you for sure. However, as the subs I found for the first series actually had a running commentary from the subber at the top of the screen which alluded to things that happened to the main couple in book two, lead me to believe the story was supposed to be more of a blending of the three plots.

This episode zero also gave us insights into the process of creating this series, from the casting process, the reasoning behind the reboot, workshopping the characters/scenes, and what it was like to film. More, I got from the videos was that not only are they retelling the story, the production is also going to slightly adjust the original characters. (I wonder if they are going to make it align closer to the books or not.) It was also interesting to see the interviews with the original author of the series (happy to see her involved as the adaptations are always so much better when the original writers are part of the process) talking about her takes on the characters and why she helped choose these actors for each.

As I was leery of the whole endeavor, I thought releasing episode “0” was a super smart move on the part of the production team. Not only is it an excellent promotion for the series, a way to whip up excitement for next week’s premiere, but it’s a big chance they’re taking with the recasting, and they need to make sure that they are going to be able to pick up fans of the original series. Sure, there is a massive following for BL now (do you follow some of these boys on Instagram? Saint from Love By Chance is having his own fan meet in Paris!) but a lot of people are like me and are either stuck on the original cast or confused as to what they’re trying to achieve. I came out of this episode not only with some answers but actually feeling kind of excited for the upcoming show! (Which honestly, I didn’t think was going to happen, I was so attached to the original KitKat.)

Let’s take a look at what we have:

Here are some main couple posters:

A teaser trailer:

Is it me or does this seem to be a little more angsty and aggressive than the original series? It gives me a bit of the uhoh feeling as, one of the things I liked about the original? Just how much of a happy, easy watch it was.

Now here is the promised Before the Moon Rises, separated into three chunks:

Watching these vides kind of all makes me want to rewatch the original, but as much as I love a good rewatch, I’m going to suppress the urge as I think I’ll be doing 2Moons2 a disservice if I give in. The space between watches, the lessening of the attachment between the new and old casts is only going to help me absorb the new series, to give it a better chance of catching on for me.

Though it’s going to be hard!

With all this, I’m excited to say: I’m excited for season 2, how about you??

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