A Kingdom Far Far Away

Posted by Stephanie on June 26, 2019


The delightfully oversharing Lee Min Ho is back on Instagram, living up his best life in Paris for his birthday. In other, related news, it was Lee Min Ho’s birthday! While I look at his collection of pictures I’m thinking…isn’t he supposed to be shooting a drama already? Come on, Lee Min Ho, you’ve been away from the military for a few months now and what I’ve seen is two vacations and a drama contract under your belt. By this time Lee Seung Gi had done two variety shows, a drama, a movie, several CF’s, at least three music videos, and probably had a plan for world peace.

I kid, my friend! Take all the time you need!  (Except for the part about Lee Seung Gi, that man is a MACHINE when it comes to his schedule.) Also, turns out? If you’re looking for that drama he signed on for, the new upcoming epic from Kim Eun Seok, you have a way to wait…it doesn’t even begin filming until the end of the year! Slated to premiere in 2020.

Which is way too far away!

Don’t worry, this far out, it’s not like we’re precisely newsless on this drama, they’ve been chugging away at casting adding my new favorite Woo Do Hwan who I became instantly smitten with in Mad Dog. (I don’t want to say it’s because he’s so pretty-pretty, but I also don’t want to lie to you — though it also helps tremendously that he’s a really great actor. As Kim Eun Seok dramas are usually star-making, or star status cementing, I’m really hoping this boosts his career. He’s been humming along in supporting roles in movies and film, really making a name for himself, but I want to see him become an even bigger name doing leading roles.

As he’s that good people. #TeamWooDooHwan

We also now have a leading lady in Kim Go Eun who, if she sounds familiar, it’s because she was one of the leads in Kim Eun Seok’s past super popular dramas – Goblin. Hmmm….Lee Min Ho from Heirs, Kim Go Eun from Goblin, looks like this team really likes repeat castings! Hmmm…makes you wonder who else you’d like to see in a drama? Woo Bin? Song Joong Ki?

Side note for all you Goblin fans out there or people (like me) who always meant to watch but never quite got around too it who dispaired you’d never have the opportunity to see it again after the closure of DramaFever? Great news! Viki now has the rights to it, and the show is currently getting subbed!

But back to The King: Eternal March, more exciting news? So we kind of had the plot backward when we first reported on it. We said that the story revolves around the king in one dimension who is trying to close the gap between the two worlds and a police detective on the other side. Rumor and innuendo had it that Lee Min Ho was slated to play both roles, which would have been interesting. Turns out, not so true! It’s actually our heroine who plays the detective “Who will do whatever necessary to protect those she loves.” King Lee Min Ho makes a deal with the devil (not sure if this is literal or figurative) to close the doors, but not before he falls in love with this prickly pear. Ooooohhh drama! Will she have to make a choice? Is he the one she’d do anything for? Will he have to decide not to close the door? Who knows???

Not us. At least not until 2020. Which, I’m not sure about you, but seems way too far away.


  • Reply Vicki A February 12, 2021 at 6:49 am

    My crush on his is getting ridiculous! He is gorgeous, and talented, and has that boyish smile, and that body, and those beauty marks, and OMGs! I could be his noona forever.
    Turns out The King is my favorite kdrama and I got here by googling WDH. Loving your website! Love from Brazil

    • Reply Stephanie February 17, 2021 at 7:16 pm

      Thanks so much for reading! He is sooo pretty! Unfortunately, I think he’s in the military now, so its going to be a bit before we get more, luckily, he’s so good, he’ll be able to slip right back in when he returns.

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