Throwback (Musical) Thursday – If I Could Vote

Posted by SaraG on June 27, 2019


When I think about just how much idols have to put themselves out there for their craft, it amazes me. I mean, obviously, despite my antics about being heartless and cold, I’m a pile of mush inside, I just suck at showing. I am terrible at vulnerable. But in the world of Kpop, vulnerable is what gets you the affection and attention of all of those fans…and when it comes to survival shows, all of those voting fans. 

I can’t tell you why, but a crying idol or idol wannabe is enough to turn me into a writhing mess.

I am elbow deep in Produce X 101 and spend my Fridays counting down until it airs and then all of Friday night counting down until it’s actually subbed. I have been tempted to watch it raw despite my severely lacking Korean skills. This last week, we saw the mass of ‘trainees’ whittled down from 60 to 30…well, 30+1 once we see the conclusion of the ‘X’ factor. I use the apostrophes around trainees because technically, they really aren’t all un-debuted. There are members of current groups like Up10tion (I heart them) and MYTEEN, actors like Eugine who just really want to be idols, and solo artists from groups that didn’t make it. 

Seungyeon, formerly of Uniq, is one of the latter and one that deserves all of the attention and votes he can get despite the reality of his previous debut and vast amount of already released work. He has been working his ass off for years and put out some amazing music – his own and freakin’ solid collabs, but he can’t seem to catch a break. You may be thinking to yourself, “I have no idea who Seungyeon is. I’ve never heard of him nor seen his name on any of these collabs you’re talking about.” But you may very likely be wrong, Seungyeon went by the name Luizy for a number of years and then switched to Woodz more recently. Sound familiar? He’s worked with the likes of Flowsik and Hyunsik of BTOB and is also part of the crew of upstarts including Vernon from Seventeen, Kino from Pentagon, and Yugyeom of GOT7.

Ok, you still might not actually know him, but you should. Seriously. And if you’re in Korea, you should be voting for him. He has amazing writing, production, dance and performance skills and a face made for stardom. How he hasn’t shot to the moon by the point is well beyond me. 

Take a listen. 

Different, Woodz

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