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Posted by SaraG on July 1, 2019


I honestly keep thinking that I’ve done posts on Magazine Ho in the past – like the recent past – but when I look through my own archives and search the site, all I see are the Pentagon School and the perfection that is Jo Jinho as the Khottie of the week. While we mention Magazine Ho and share a link or two, it’s all kind of buried in the complex web of background information, speculation on personality, and gorgeous pictures. It’s just not a true tribute.

Not that I’m going to do a true tribute here either. 

Because I don’t have time for that.

I’m on vacation and my parents are in town and that means we are go, go, go, and I am tired, tired, tired by the end of the day. Not a lot of writing is getting done – including that big work project that I’m meant to do. Instead, I’m just going to plop this glorious cover onto the site and hope that Stephanie just sees it and thinks, “man, Jinho and Hui are amazing. Thank you, Sara, for thinking of us when you saw it.” Instead of thinking, “I trusted her with the password to the site for this?” 

And because I know her and the power of Jinho equally well, I know that it will be the former. 

Several years ago, Jinho of Pentagon made a sweet New Year’s promise to do a cover every month and to post it on YouTube. Three years in, he’s still going strong and every month I wait for the little gems to make an appearance. This June’s is particularly fun not only because it’s super high def and looks amazing and because the voices are crystal clear and stunning, but because our fav crooner is sharing his spotlight with the illustrious leader of Pentation, Hui. These two can seriously do no wrong when they pair up. The song, though silly, is super on point with early Pentagon, think Gorilla from their 2016 debut, and is extremely naughty if you really take a listen to the lyrics.

it’s Gorilla by Bruno Mars. Yummy. 

Gorilla, Jinho ft. Hui (cover of Bruno Mars)


  • Reply SpiceAngel July 1, 2019 at 12:50 pm

    Mr SA was watching this video last night. We both adore Jinho. His voice is amazing.

    So after watching the video, he was searching Pentagon news and we realized we had no idea they were coming to the US in Sept!?! How did we miss this information.

    Tickets are already on sale!

    Thank you for reminding us of this extremely talented young man!!!

  • Reply Stephanie July 1, 2019 at 8:49 pm

    HAHAHAHHA to all of this. Also, please tell me I’m not the only one who saw this and went, “He covered his own song?”

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