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Posted by Stephanie on July 2, 2019


If you’re like me, a rampant YouTube user, you probably have the same habit I do, seeing something you want to watch, but for some reason can’t at the moment, so you thoughtlessly toss it into your Watch Later queue. Then promptly forget about it. Not only do I have a tendency to forget about the video, I often forget that the Watch Later queue exists itself. Lately, I’ve been adding a lot of things to the list and I decided to finally sit down and watch a chunk of them. Here’s what I found:

MIC Drop Mama Stage

Boys look GOOD in suits. This performance seems a little different. Is it me or does the stage seem super narrow? They made it work. Yoongi was ON it. The downside? Audio is TERRIBLE. Come on Big Hit this is a Bangtang Bomb.

Monteen Teasing Each Other

This never, ever, EVER gets old. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it and it will forever have a place on my watch later list. Nothing cheers me up quite like Monteen. I love their very real friendship….and if someone could whip me up some Mingu/Kihyun fanfic right quick it would be greatly appreciated.

Asking for a friend.


HAHAHAHHAHHAA sorry, I had to add this one. If you’ve been around for a while you’ve heard me talk about how I have this addition to listening to people reading Reddit. I didn’t actually want to watch this later, but it’s one of those ones I accidentally added onto the list. I have thumbs. It happens.

Being a Plus-Size Model in Korea

This kept popping up in my YouTube feed. It’s almost like they know me. The video was equal parts fascinating and heartbreaking. Good on her for pressing through. Also? Her accent is amazing. I definitely recommend you check this out. I’m glad I finally did.

Johnny X Chicago

I’m not going to say that I’m trying to learn NCT127 as I swore I would never actually actively try to learn them. But I figure if I learn them through osmosis and JCC videos, it’s not really cheating is it? I have a fascination with Johnny. I want to say now I know Yuta, but I’m not certain if I see him in the big group again I will. Not going to lie, I had to watch this twice as, the first time around, I didn’t realize there were subs and watched the entire thing without. Also, maybe Yuta should lay off the coffee. He seems perpetually PUMPED. And is gelato really a Chicago specialty? Now that I know these have subs I might just add the others in the series to the watch now list.

BTS & Monsta X All Moments

Huh. BTS and Monsta X had ANY moments? That question is what got this title on the list. How you like this video is the perspective you take on it. If you go in expecting a relationship like Monteen, you’re going to be disappointed. It’s simply clips, screenshots of them interacting no matter how loosely. It makes the case that Kihyun and Yoongi are friends and Hoseok and Hyongwon are friends but I’m not getting close feeling vibes more they know each other and are polite friendly with each other — no matter how much Monsta X tries. Often it appears they try to have the same relationship they do with Seventeen or try to interact with BTS as they would each other and BTS is like….I’m sorry, while I appreciate your efforts, I’m contractually obligated to only act that way with my other bandmates. Sorry buddy, go find a member of Seventeen.

It did, however, give me this stellar moment, Hoseok and Joohoney, my two loves, embracing.

And a lot of….dude…I think I was AT that KCon.

Code Kunst – Parachute

This is just a fucking fantastic song and it should all be on YOUR watch now list.

Changhyuk Being Clingy Roommates

Not really certain I agree with this one. It seems to me more Minhyuk cuddling up to I.M and I.M tolerating it for the cameras. You can just see the irritation there behind his eyes and it’s almost as if Minhyuk knows it and is determined to irritate him with skinship. There are other pairings within the group that I believe in more.

ATEEZ Yeosang is a SAVAGE

Finally watched this one as I slept through it after I queued it up on Friday night with the ladies. Slept. Completely. Through. I wanted to see this as I’m mostly familiar with Yeosang in performances and music videos where he’s…less face it…a bit of a blank slate. He should really work on bringing some of this sass to his performances…or any personality at all. I could fully support him being the snark of ATEEZ.

One last one!

The Softest Maknae Rap line

Now this is what I was looking for! A bunch of it is camera staged, but it gets squeeworthy towards the end, and I loved hearing the beginnings of their friendship.

Seriously, this quest sent me down the rabbit hole of Kpop vids that I have yet to come out of, mainly Monsta X and NCT. It’s possibly I may have become a little obsessive of NCT because of this. Possibly.

I regret everything.

Have you taken a look at your Watch Later list? If we were to sneak a peek, what would we find?

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