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Posted by SaraG on July 8, 2019


I am…sleepy. I’m writing this on Saturday afternoon with a lovely apricot blonde not far from reach and my house all cool and dark while the rain starts to fall as it has almost every afternoon this summer. As I mentioned last Monday, my parents were in town for two weeks and they left this morning or last night – 2:30am counts as morning, right? Rather than go to bed early and wake up at 2:00 for those last few quiet family moments, my husband and I made the noble decision to stay up all night binging Stranger Things because we are responsible adults. 

We made it through seven of the eight episodes before he slunk off to bed and I curled up on the couch and watched my mom and dad drink some tea and wheel their suitcases to the front door. It was all heavy-lidded and underwater as I’m not great with staying up past my bedtime. 

I felt the need to mention Stranger Things because not only am I proud that we did end up finishing it this morning, but also that I stumbled on something I HAD NO IDEA WAS COMING and beautifully tied together my constant need for Kpop and my enjoyment of this fantastic show. This is not the song I’m going to chatter on about, but I wanted to share…because how could I not??

I mean…come on

Now for the song.

My Friday recommendations from iTunes have been full of girl groups and boy groups I’ve already added to playlists and some pretty random American, Thai, and Japanese songs. I’m not entirely sure how the algorithm was built, but I’ve been a bit nonplussed by its offerings. This week, however, was an exception. There was only one song I’d already downloaded and a slew of pretty solid Khiphop and absolutely lovely singer-songwriters. One, in particular, inspired me to tap that little red heart immediately. I do love me a female solo singer.

Bibi, the youngest artist on FeelGhood Music, participated on the show The Fan, a survival program where current celebrities in the music industry try to find the next hot thing…the stars became the fans. It came down to Bibi and Car the Garden with Bibi taking second. Not bad considering Car the Garden and frankly, many of the other contestants were already fairly well known. She officially debuted in May of 2019 with a single and recently dropped her first EP The Manual for People Who Want to Love. 

She has this amazingly clear, feminine voice with this kind of lilting R&B vide that I’m quite attracted to. She pretty instantly made me a fan…it didn’t hurt that Changmo features in all of his autotuned glory on one of the tracks. The title song from the EP is Nabi, a gorgeous little solo number that I feel really gives a good taste of what the rest of the EP sounds like. It’s the type of music that makes you move your body whether you planned on dancing or not. It’s kind of perfect for rainy, sleepy days where you still really need to get some stuff accomplished but don’t want to wake up all of the way.

Nabi, Bibi

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