Musical Monday – Work Until You Make It

Posted by SaraG on July 15, 2019


We are in full-on summer mode. All of the MVs, concept photos, and teasers are either steamy summer nights in clubs or bright colors and palm trees. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that all of Kpop was in LA right now and you couldn’t go more than a foot or two without stepping into someone’s set – sounding both wonderful and terrible. The heat has really settled in on us in Colorado after weeks of lower than usual temperatures and lots of rain (all very welcome both personally and from the wildfire perspective) and so this on slot of summer concepts is actually quite perfect. It’s really set my vacation fantasies into solid idols on beaches territory. 

For those that obsessively scroll through Instagram or lurk around YouTube, you will likely have seen the teasers for the rookie boy group 1Team. With five members, they are under the management of  Liveworks Company and debuted in March of this year with the mini-album Hello! Two of the members, Rubin and BC, came into the group with some solid idol experience having both been part of the the survival program Boys24 and making it into the pre-debut group by the same name. Both were also on Mixnine and Rubin made it into the top nine, but we all know how that turned out (if you don’t, go ahead and ask YG). BC was also in the group I-REX until it disbanded. I can’t imagine the roller coaster of emotions those guys went through with all of those opportunities not quite panning out. Painful.

Liveworks started releasing teaser images and videos for 1Team on March 4 leading up to their March 27 debut. I followed it with some interest having been familiar with the two I mentioned above, but didn’t necessarily bond. To be honest, with the most recent set of comeback promos it almost felt like I was prepping for their debut…and there was some goooood content this second time around. They have some stunning covers out there. 

This past week, after losing some steam between releases, we got the mini Just and it is a pop delight. The title track Rolling Rolling isn’t necessarily grounding breaking music, but it’s a solid song perfect for folks on bikes and roller blades enjoying these summer months. It’s a nice soundtrack for a car ride to somewhere fun. The other two songs on the mini are different…they remind me of some of the more interesting, almost experimental tracks we’ve seen in the last 18 months from a few other groups. Think Pentagon B sides by the rappers. They are captivating and a little odd. I love to hear newer groups with talented members playing with the music. In particular, I’m really diggin’ Ice in the Cup. 

Rolling Rolling, 1Team


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    Oooh this is fuN!

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      You know. Fun with a totally on purpose Capital N

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