It’s Alive! Or actually, It’s Dead Again!

Posted by Stephanie on July 16, 2019


It’s so funny how I’ll hum along looking for K-news that interests me through the internet. How do I pick between this casting news or that new teaser? There’s (usually) lots of interesting stuff out there to choose from. For me? It’s the article or headline that literally makes me go “oooh” out loud. No lie. I get so excited about certain things that I literally make cheering noises. If the news can make me bounce in my seat with a little hand clap? Even better. If I then have to instantly message all of my friends to let them know what I just found out? It’s a full on banner day.

This is that sort of news for me.

What has me bouncing in my chair, squeeing to all my friends? This time it came to me in the form of an Instagram update:

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Do you see it? Do you see know what has got me so excited? KINGDOM 2! Or, the first signs of life in Kingdom 2. And, as the HUGE fan of the original season that I am? I have not too patiently been waiting for this moment. Thanks, Bae Doona, you have me a very happy girl.

You know who hasn’t made me a happy girl? The rest of the production. Why? Guys. Sure, they are filming now, but this thing isn’t slated to air on Netflix until February. That’s February of NEXT YEAR.

Gah. There is an awful lot of cap locking going on in this post. I can’t help it though. Cherry Cordial, LizC and I meant to watch an episode of this show together and we ended up binge-watching the whole thing in a single night. I now make it my mission in life to tell as many people as I can that they need to watch it. When an American outlet wrote a news article about how perfect this show is, I squeeed almost as loud as I did when I heard about this news. Because they (and I) are right, more people Kfan or not should watch this show.

So that being said, to make us have to wait until next year? Is cruel and unusual punishment. I’ve been a good fan and I deserve better than this….just kidding…guys seriously, take all the time you need to keep up your quality, to tell the story you need, and please, for the love of Mike, Writer Kim Eun Hee, please do not treat the ending of Kingdom like you did Signal. I remember being this excited for every episode of Signal up until the last episode or so then… oh noes. Please. If that happens in Kingdom, I probably will never be able to watch another one of your dramas again. Like Ever.

Deep breath, Stephanie, you’re wigging out the reader.

Anyway, because Bae Doona is kind and not at all like the production team, she gave us a couple of more photos from the set:

Bae Doona. You’re good people. I knew I liked you for a reason.

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