Musical Monday – Making the Mood

Posted by SaraG on July 22, 2019


I am very protective of my music listening time. I don’t live alone, I spend an alarmingly large number of hours in meetings, and my commute is short so I don’t always get to throw on what I want when I want it, and as loud as I want. So when I have the chance to pop on some tunes I have to really think through what mood I’m in, what would make me happy or the right kind of sad, and who I’ve been neglecting recently that might float my boat. I am definitely one of those people that knows that the artists can feel when I haven’t been paying them enough attention. 

My adoration of the artists on Planetarium Records is no secret. I keep it 0% hidden but I don’t think I’ve paid enough public attention to all of them singularly. In particular, I’ve been insanely lax in making sure that Gaho, a vocalist on the label and their go-to OST guy, has been front and center in everybody’s minds because he is often at the forefront of mine. I don’t know what it is, I can’t put my finger on it, but he has one of those voices that fit almost any mood. His music – be it collabs, his solo work, or his OST contributions – touches me in a pretty emotional way but not in a way that makes me upset or makes me recognize my deep-seated need for therapy. It’s so good. He gets a lot of radio play in my life.

Here’s a quick medley of some of his title songs.

Title Medly, Gaho

Oh, and some of his OST songs.

OST Medly, Gaho

He’s also currently a part of the Golden Brothers 4 Songs project. Each highlighted artist picks four songs – imagine that – and sings them as part of one-shot live videos. They typically choose one or two of their own songs and then a few by artists that they particularly admire or enjoy. The video below is his own work.


있어줘(Live Version), Gaho

And this one is a cover of one by Zayn.

Dusk Til Dawn, Zayn Ft. Sia (Cover by Gaho)


The third and fourth videos haven’t been released yet, but you bet I’m constantly hitting refresh to catch them ASAP.

But covers…yeah, Gaho does some amazing covers. Think Jinho style covers. I could listen to him do almost anything.

Without Me, Halsey (Cover by Gaho)

And finally, the bit that makes this Musical Monday appropriate, Gaho released a new single last week that is gorgeous, thoughtful, and really quite stunning. The MV is a blend of live-action and animation and perfectly suits the lyrics and the tone of the song. I’ve already played it over and over, and yes, it’s already been added to my fav of 2019 playlist.

Fly, Gaho

Congratulations, Gaho, you’ve made another beautiful song. Thank you.

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