Chottie of the Week: Yang Yang

Posted by Alix on July 27, 2019

Khottie of the Week

After hearing both Cherry and Stephanie talk about how much they love Love O2O on the podcast and knowing that Stephanie has rewatched it at least once, I decided to give it a go. I watched about two-thirds of the drama pretty quickly and then stalled out. It is very cute and the main couple is very cute, and I do intend to go back to it at some point but I did learn that the lead actor, Yang Yang, falls pretty high on Stephanie’s bias list. And because she has a lot going on right now, thought I would do her a favor and throw a lot of pictures of him her way.

Yang Yang is a 27-year-old Chinese actor.

Love O2O was his mainstream breakout drama and is the most viewed modern drama in China.

He trained as a dancer and dabbled in singing. This is a thank you gift to fans…

He also did the theme song for Love O2O.

Rumor has it that he and the female lead from Love O2O will be doing a new drama next year…they did have great chemistry.

He’s currently filming a military-based movie and has a short cut…I quite like this look on him.

See what I mean.

I’m guessing we would all agree that most anything looks good on him…


With dogs…

On the street.

Or on the rocks.

In bed.

Sunglasses…always a favorite of mine.

That subtle sexy look.

And as always the smile…

Always a fan of the smile.

Lucky for us he just opened an Instagram account this year, @yang_0099.






  • Reply Júlia Côrtes August 1, 2019 at 9:22 pm

    Wow, I see him everywhere in my Youtube recommendations and Instagram feed. I was wondering who the hell was this guy. I like how masculine angry bird eyebrows are appealing for the chinese audience. I wish I liked faces like his, but my bias list is pretty much on the gentle side (even though most of them is pretty buff and meaty).

  • Reply Sanjh May 21, 2020 at 5:48 pm

    I’m your biggest fan yang yang looking forward to see many more series of yours like love 020.. Dee handsomest person I have ever seen
    Great work keep rocking ❤️

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