Musical Monday – Complications

Posted by SaraG on July 29, 2019


We all know that at the start of this year, I created a list of three groups/artists that I would travel to see if they came to the US in 2019. One of those popped up and I’m going to Chicago in two weeks to see IMFACT. I’m stoked. But soon after I got those tickets, Pentagon announced a US tour in early September. It was emotionally challenging to say no to that one as they are a group that I find myself loving even when I’m not loving them. But I was going to be on vacay with the family so there was no way it would work anyway. Chicago is the best place for me to see shows right now for various reasons.

We rescheduled vacation. 

It’s working out. YAY!

Then The Rose announced a tour. They’ll be in Chicago the same night as Pentagon. THE SAME NIGHT. 


How am I going to choose between them? How does one choose between these two uniquely different and wonderful opportunities? The start times are the same so I can’t even do the old ‘I’ll do half of one and then bop over for the end of the one that starts later.’ 

Woosung from the Rose is making it even more difficult. He released his first solo mini this past week and completely solidified my love of him and his music and his message. His ‘American’ is showing with his strong LGBTQ and body positivity messages, his voice is stunning (as it always is), and he looks gooooorgeous with his tiny, lithe frame and voluminous bowl cut. It’s all super fabulous.

How will I decide??

Face, Woosung,


  • Reply DBChen July 29, 2019 at 9:11 am

    ooooof! tough choice! Good luck with deciding.

    I would probably say go with Pentagon, as watching choreography is more interesting to me to watch than a band that stands there.

  • Reply SpiceAngel July 29, 2019 at 10:33 am

    Oh my! What a wonderful dilemma and abundance of choice. I am very happy that more Korean Artist are coming to the US. Yes, ‘someone’ needs to organize their schedules so there isn’t as much overlap.

    I am very excited about the Pentagon tour! Even when I was conflicted about Cube, I still enjoyed them so much. I am currently rewatching all things Pentagon in preparation and falling in love again and also taking in the bittersweet feelings that arise.

    Whichever choice you make, you will have a wonderful time. I always appreciate your introduction of new music!

  • Reply Amber Wright July 30, 2019 at 8:17 am

    If you need Chicago peeps to go have Korean food with there are a few of us! 🙂

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