Khottie of the Week: Park Ki Woong

Posted by Alix on August 11, 2019

Khottie of the Week

I am not the biggest fan of sageuk/historical dramas. It’s not the costumes, more the fact that there is a greater chance that your main couple will not end up together or something bad will happen to a character you really like. I’m a big fan of Astro’s Cha Eun Woo and picked up Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung as soon as it started on Netflix. While it has elements of cuteness, it is also tackling more serious subjects and I watch each episode as it comes out, so hoping that nothing bad happens to any of the main characters (well only the good ones). That includes today’s khottie, Park Ki Woong, who plays the Crown Prince that you desperately only want true love and other good things for.

Park Ki Woong is a 34 year old actor.

He’s currently playing a very princely Crown Prince.

He’s pretty princely here too…even the bathrobe. 

An anguished prince here. 

Just plain prince here.

Honestly really not bothered by the denim coveralls. 

Or all this denim…SaraG check out those hands and ears. 

And I quite enjoy the hair and smile.

The boyfriend look. 

I do love a good cable sweater. 

Turns out he likes to rap too, this is from a limited release album he wrote for fans.

You can find him on Instagram @oopkwoo.


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