Musical Monday – I’m Sure to Have a Kpop Hangover

Posted by SaraG on August 12, 2019


I am positive that as you read this I’m suffering from a bit of a Kpop (if not a regular) hangover. I’m writing this well in advance because I’ve got some plans this weekend and I want to make sure to get a post up for the wee hours on Monday because I have a strong sense of responsibility and a keen work ethic. But I’m dying a little inside in anticipation of the huge milestone I’ll be hitting on Sunday night with one of my Chicago based Kpop friends. 

I’ve mentioned it a couple of times, but I’ve tried to be pretty chill because until it happens, I’m always a little skeptical that big things will actually come to fruition. I don’t actually do ‘expectations’ so just being there is enough for me…I just have to make sure I get there before I explode in the inevitable fireworks of excitement and lust. Long story longer, I’m seeing IMFACT this weekend and it’s the stuff of dreams and glory. As a B and C tier girl, this is what I live for, they are what I live for. I love them so much.

But because it hasn’t happened yet, I can’t talk about it here. Not really, not for a whole post. Maybe Thursday, maybe next week. If it’s super special, maybe never…I’m a private person when it comes down to genuine emotions. So today I’m going to drop a completely different bomb on you…a new fav that I can’t get enough of – 015B and Youra – a match made in heaven.

015B is a pair of music-making brothers that debuted in 1990 and have been active, and popular, ever since. They’re known for their decision to never have a permanent main vocal and to cycle through a ton of different genres in a ‘guest singer system.’ They’ve done everything from hiphop to ballads to electronica. 

Youra, on the other hand, is a solo artist who started making inroads into the Korean music industry by uploading songs onto Soundcloud. This song, L, isn’t her first collab with 015B, but she’s insanely talented in both writing and performing all on her own. She has a unique sensibility which allows her to make interesting and seemingly complex songs using really simple techniques and fairly retro styles. She kind of reminds me of Dean in that way. And we all know how I feel about Dean. 

So instead of focusing on what might, or dare I say will happen this weekend…or this past weekend if I’m going by the posting date…I’m going to celebrate this amazing vocalist that I am quickly learning to love and her collab with a total powerhouse in Korean music. 

L, 015B & Youra

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    I love their collaboration “My Hair is Green”

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