Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Me, Dead on the Floor

Posted by SaraG on August 15, 2019


I’m not ready to talk about it yet – it being IMFACT – so I’m going to plop in another new release because I love it and I want to and you can’t stop me. See how that works? Stephanie gave me admin rights to the site and two and a half years later I got cocky about it. Oh, the power. 

I’ve mentioned them before, here and here to be precise, but I have an undying passion for the crew Fanxy Child. They really, seriously, do it for me – both musically and otherwise. After a stretch of being totally quiet, they put out a new song, not just a collab between some of the members, but a whole song released under their group name. It’s chill and rhythmic, a little hypnotizing really, and I love every section by every artist. As a reminder, Fanxy Child is a six-member crew led by Zico and comprised of Dean, Millic, Crush, Penomecco, and Stay Tuned. This is like the Harlem Globetrotters of the Korean music industry. They’re amazing in their own right but so willing to guest star on anything that seems fun and delightful. 

Plus, I hear they can solve a murder Scooby-Doo style. 

Not really, but that’s pretty much the only thing left that would turn them into worshipable gods. I’m just waiting for that Soompi article to come out. 

I want to say a million things about each of them individually but that seems like overkill. I want to say something about them together, but I think I’ve expounded on them enough in the past and will likely have more to say in the future, so I’ll leave that well enough alone this time around. So for this post, I’m going to let the song- and the MV- speak for itself. 

Y, Fanxy Child

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    How much would you pay to see them solve crimes though???

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