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Posted by Stephanie on August 20, 2019


It’s that time again! I’ve been keeping these LGBT posts to every four months or so, but with how I’m chug-a-lugging them down, I’m going to have to step it up as I’m afraid I’m going to blow through them. Plus with so many coming all the time? Whew. I don’t think I’m ever going to run out! In this addition, we found a trove of older ones, a lot of them movies. While these are harder to find through the usual visual suspects, and even harder to find them with subs, or good subs, but I think it’s important to note what came before so we can see just how far we’ve come. The leaps this genre has taken even in the time that I’ve been doing this list is astounding.

That being said, if you haven’t seen History 3 yet? GO DO IT NOW. Srsly.

Love Lie Hide Fake The Series (2018) Thai

A young DJ pretends to be gay for popularity and is fakes being in a relationship with his friend, but situation gets complicated for him when he fall in love with a girl.

Drama – Gay/Pretend Gay – Main Storyline

Roop Thong – Thai – 2018

Seua, the perfect guy in the eyes of many women, whom yearns for his father’s love since he was a child, starts to feel sexually attracted to men and wants to stop it. Riawkhao, the girl he loves who also loves him, tries to turn the man back to straight. Moo, on the other hand, has a revenge in mind that involves Seua and Amber that started years ago. How will the family turn out?

Drama- Gay – Main Storyline

Social Death Vote – Thai – 2018

A teenager opens a Facebook page named “Sex Vote” to post intimate videos of students filmed illegally, making fans choose through likes and comments who they want to spy from time to time.

Drama – Gay Character

Hidamari ga Kikoeru (2017)  Japanese

Sugihara Kohei, a college student who has distanced himself from others unconsciously because he is hard of hearing and it keeps causing one misunderstanding after another. One day his classmate Taiichi stumbles into him and notices his delicious bento. Kohei gives Taiichi part of his lunch, to Taiichi’s delight, but leaves without saying a word to Taiichi. Taiichi only later finds out from others that Kohei is hard of hearing. Taiichi has a bright personality to the point of foolishness, and he tells Kohei, “It’s not your fault that you can’t hear!” Those words save Kohei, and he begins to change. Taiichi and Kohei begin a relationship that’s more than friends, but less than lovers.

Movie – Gay – Main Storyline

Lychee Light Club (2016) Japanese

This is a live-action story adaptated from Usamaru Furuya’s manga with the same title.

The story revolves around nine students at an all-boys school who create a god-like Lychee machine to capture the beautiful women of the world. However, the machine eventually becomes self-aware “and is soon equally capable of measuring beauty and executing justice.

Movie – Gay Character

Be Melodramatic – 2019 – Korean

Im Jin Joo, Lee Eun Jung, and Hwang Han Joo are best friends who are 30-years-old.

Hwang Han Joo is the head of a marketing team for a drama production company. She is a single mother who struggles to balance her work and personal life as she is raising a kid.

Im Jin Joo is a drama writer with a lot of emotional ups and downs. Her personality is unique, talking to a luxurious purse at times. Even though she is a drama writer, she tries to write her scripts in a literary style.

Lee Eun Jung is a documentary director. She runs her own production company, although she’s the only employee. One of her documentaries surprisingly becomes popular overnight.

Drama – Gay Storyline

To You, For Me (2015) – China

A short film about making relationship choices, and second chances. Starring Ian Lao, Paul Wong, Sabrina Tam, and Jeffrey Mak.

Short Movie – Gay Storyline

Summer to Winter (2014) – Thailand

“Tum” is a boy, who is going to study at a University in Bangkok. He meets “Kim Hun”, a strong and ordinary boy. Tum met Kim Hun three weeks before escaping his dad’s influence. This is due to the fact that his father tries to control him so much that he feels he has no real freedom.
At first, Tum dislikes Kim Hum. But when he starts knowing him better, Kim Hun’s smile affects him and he progressively opens up to the new friendship. Both of them progressively learn to know each other better, and Tum becomes happy. Kim Hun tries to tell him something important, but has no real chance to reveal it to his friend. Then, an unexpected event occurs and that changes their relationship. Both of them walk away agreeing to meet again as promised while being on the island.
A film about beautiful memories, friendship, love and loneliness.

Movie – Gay Storyline

I’m Here & 12 Years (2015)

The film is based on the novel “我们的十二年一个轮回这是传奇” by Si Hao Van (思皓凡). It describes the love story of two homosexual college students.

Movie – Gay – Main storyline


The Brother (2016) – Chinese

Excellent in his conduct and academic achievement Yun Yize and wild, unruly and mediocre student Ding Chen dislike each other, but because of an accident Yize finds out that Ding Chen’s secret identity is actually Ding Chen illustrating the funny anecdotes on youth of life on campus.
Movie – Gay – Main Storyline

Life Of Silence (2014) Taiwan

“Life of Silence’ is a somewhat harrowing film that tells the story of three gay men who are entangled in doomed romances. Tensions between society’s expectations and true happiness are explored in this compelling short film. Silence usually comes with a backdrop, waiting to be stirred. A novel and a reality. Three gay guys and two marriages. When love and marriage can’t go hand in hand, how can marital bliss be realized?

Movie – Gay – Main Storyline

Kinematics Theory (2018) – Chinese

Zhang Zhe, a genius student, and Zhang Nan, a handsome swimmer, couldn’t understand each other. They did not expect to meet each other at the same university. Zhe is a mathematical genius, but has a social phobia; Nan is an athlete, but he hates being used as a racing machine by his father. The two men help each other by the means of mutual encouragement. Nan helps Zhe overcome his social fears while Zhe helps Nan find the real meaning of being an athlete.

Movie – Gay – Main storyline

I Am Not What You Want (2001) – Hong  Kong

University student Rick was kicked out of his home because of his homosexuality, and takes refuge in the home of his friend Mark. Living under the same roof, these youths realize they have more in common than they thought. But will it lead to heartwarming or heartbreak? Mark in his heart is gay too, but he has not yet come out to anyone, including his girlfriend Mabel. The movie focuses on the process of Mark’s trying to face his sexual orientation.

Movie – Gay – Main Storyline

The Right Man – Christmas Gift (2016)

Alex and Daniel are a couple living together for two years. They were happy until the moment when Alex starts to pay more attention to work and the other decides to venture into the Internet…

Movie – Gay – Main Storyline

Our Love Story (2016)

Yoon Joo is a graduate student of fine arts and is working on her graduation exhibition. One day, while she is searching for materials for her project, she runs into Ji Soo at a junk shop. Watching Ji Soo in an odd place, Yoon Joo finds herself drawn to her. After their initial encounter, Yoon Joo once again runs into Ji Soo at a convenience store, and the two eventually start dating. Never having enjoyed dating men, Yoon Joo finds Ji Soo fascinating and becomes completely infatuated with her.

Movie – Lesbian – Main Storyline



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