Khottie of the Week: Ju Ji Hoon

Posted by Alix on August 25, 2019

Khottie of the Week

This past week I decided to finish off some shows that have been sitting on my currently watching list for what feels like quite a long time. I banged out a few that only had a couple of episodes left, and riding the high of success decided to tackle Mask which I wasn’t even halfway through. I love the premise of the show but, for me at least, it did not translate into a show I wanted to spend time on. The female lead was driving me crazy and, while I was curious to see how the main couple’s relationship progressed, it wasn’t enough to get over what was quickly becoming a hate-watch. Reading the reviews on MyDramaList made me think I should keep going so I thought I would feature Ju Ji Hoon and see where that left me.

Ju Ji Hoon, or Joo Ji Hoon, is a 37-year-old actor.

He started his career as a model (a long time ago).

He’s had a number of notable dramas…including Mask.

He also had a drug scandal in 2009 that resulted in a suspended sentence…followed closely by his military service.

He’s been generating recent buzz due to Kingdom and Kingdom 2.

Which I haven’t seen and likely will not due to the zombies but per podcast discussions it’s very good.

How could it not be…with an age-appropriate hottie.

Well, age-appropriate for all of us at Kchat Jjigae.

Almost enough to get me to watch Kingdom, even with my strong zombie dislike.

It’s almost enough…

In the 9 episodes I’ve seen of Mask, I realized I don’t think he’s ever smiled.

And he really should, as he has a nice smile.

Totally changes up his demeanor.

And who knew there might actually be dimples there too.

And if anyone has watched Mask, let me know if I should push through and keep going!

You can follow him on Instagram @_jujihoon.




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  • Reply Amilia Smith August 27, 2019 at 3:16 am

    I very much enjoyed Mask. Not as good as the writer’s previous drama (Secret), but still good cracktastic makjang fun.

    That said, if you are 9 episodes in and not digging it, I’d say drop it. It doesn’t change drastically or become massively better in the second half. Life is too short to force yourself to watch TV shows you don’t enjoy.

    And hey, if nothing else the show inspired you to look up hot pics of Joo Ji-hoon. So it has at least done its job there.

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