Musical Monday – Adorable Animals Help Any MV

Posted by SaraG on August 26, 2019


I, or rather we, made the decision to see Pentagon in Chicago in September. It feels like a really good decision, but I can’t say it’s the right one. There really isn’t a wrong or right way to go with this. It’s fun music vs. fun music. It’s attractive artists vs. attractive artists. It’s someone I love vs. someone I love. The biggest challenge is choreo vs. instruments. I’ve seen my fair share – well, maybe not fair, life isn’t fair and I haven’t seen everyone I want to see – of Kpop concerts with lots of spectacular vocals, amazing rappers, and unreal dancing, but I’ve never seen a Korean rock band outside of Day6 at Kcon a million years ago. This is something I really, really want to experience in the full concert format. 

I will see The Rose eventually, this I swear. 

However, there are other Korean bands doing Kpop that I’d absolutely love to see. One of those just had a rather wonderful comeback this past week. IZ is a four-member band that debuted on Music K Entertainment in 2017. Over the last two years, they’ve put out a couple of albums and three EPs. Despite all of this wonderful music, completely charismatic members, and some absolutely fantastic styling and visuals, I’d say they are riding fairly far under the radar for most people and it’s heartbreaking. 

Final Kiss, the title track of their new EP FROM:IZ, is a very pleasant rock/pop sing with a repetitive chorus, heavy drums, and a pretty awesome guitar intro. It has this lovely, almost ethereal vocal bit at the very beginning that charms me completely. The MV is washed in various summer colors and the styling is, as I said earlier, absolutely perfect – fashion-conscious yet practical for the young man ready to play a song in his pool. 

Never actually do that – it’s dangerous. 

Also, there’s a snail. I know they’re gross, but they’re also adorable and I have been known to stare at them and ponder how they can actually be alive just like Hyunjun, their leader and guitarist, is clearly doing. 

Final Kiss, IZ

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