The Weirdest Most Random Post Ever or Kdrama Vs Kpop

Posted by Stephanie on August 29, 2019


It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve done one of these Kdrama posts! I remember, way back when, when I was light on Kpop and heavy on the Kdrama. Kpop was like Kimchi. Something you ate because you were expected to like it but really, if you admitted it deep down to yourself, you really didn’t. Then there’s that one song, that one moment, where you’re caught and you realize, hey, this is really good!

And then it takes over.

It’s not like I’m not watching anything at all. On Bubbles and BL Friday Alix and I caught up on all of the BL shows we’ve been watching together, actually finishing Theory of Love. (Sigh) Now with that show is over and the hole still standing where History 3 used to be, we’re trying to figure out what we can pick up next. (While still staying in the BL and bubble tea genre.)

It’s just….Kpop and it’s related media is just so eyecatching and in it’s tasty mouthfuls, easy to fit into my crazy-ass schedule. Just this month alone, I’m working 10-12 hours a day, due to a giant crack in the highway due to a crazy-ass sinkhole, my commute suddenly changed from 30 minutes to an hour. And add onto that? My roommate up and marries, moves to SWITZERLAND, I can’t find a roommate so I’m off finding a new apartment and packing up my life again.

I’m whining as I’m sure your lives look somewhat similar. I was up at 4:30 this morning and just sat down to write this post at 10:30 at night. Currently, I just don’t have, and I can’t believe I’m using this term as it always makes me roll my eyes when it’s whipped out at work “the bandwidth” to pick up and follow along with a tv show. Sitting down and watching tv? Seems decadent to me. Even writing this, I’m thinking to myself, “You haven’t booked the moving truck yet”, its’ almost 11 and you should be working on that renewal that you promised to finish today. (In my daylight hours my official title is Operations Specialist – Team Lead for a tech security company.)

With all that being a thing? Kpop is just so…easy. It can be the background of my commute. When I go off and hide in the bathroom for a moments peace (come on, you know we all do it.) I’m now back playing Starpop. (I dumped the CNBLue guy and sadly parted ways with Taemin, and instead proudly picked up Doyoungie and Johnny from NCT.)

I’m gulping down episodes of No Mercy, the reality show where Monsta X was put together as a group, watching as I do cardio at the gym.

Though I know the ending, I’ll gasp and “No!” and cry along with the members as I get my sweat on. Let me tell you, now that I know their history, it makes all of their cuddly, joking moments on social media or in concerts mean just that much more. They’ve come so far! I just got to the episode where K.Will tells everyone I.M is joining the show and everyone is PISSED. Poor I.M. you can just feel how uncomfortable he is, knowing that not only is he unwanted, his presence there is straight-up resented.  Gah. I swear I could do a whole post on this. Or even better, a whole podcast episode where I just squee about this show.

Also. K.Will is a DICK. I’m just putting it out there.

On top of that? There are hours and hours of NCT content to catch up on now that I’ve decided not just to love their music but to love them as people too. So much to catch up on with more coming out every day! I told myself I’d watch their lastest video as a reward for making it through the day but I don’t think its going to happen today. It will have to be my reward for making it through the week. Which is fine, they are totally reward-worthy. NCT and Bubble Tea? Hmmmm…. I’m wishing I had time to watch Jaehyun’s new cover video (yes, I’ve learned every single one of NCT127’s names and am well on my way to being able to pick their voices out of a song.) where he looks like he’s just looking through your eyes and right into your soul….or lady bits.


I’m afraid I’m nearing the end of No Mercy, which makes me think what other band had a show like this that I could watch? Apparently, I like to have my heartbroken. I don’t mind openly weeping while sitting between two older gentlemen who studiously ignore me. Right now I’m seeing pictures or clips coming out of a show that they do while on vacation on Jeju? Wonho is shirtless.

I’m feeling it deserves a watch.

Then there are the hours and hours of videos I keep adding onto my watch now. No lie, I’m currently sitting on a list of 89 things I deemed interesting enough to want to check out later.

Compilations, fan-made videos, variety show clips. Last week, when I kept meaning to go to bed, I feel down an Epik High rabbit hole. I want to say, once I start I can’t stop. But I can. They are clips. videos. Shows you know the outcome too. Things I can turn off when my attention shifts on a dime. Things I can pick back up without too much effort, without having to figure out just where I left off.

Sometimes, Kpop is just easier.

It’s not like I broke up with Kdrama. There are some things I know I should be watching. Right now there are a crazy amount of Chinese shows that make me go “Woah, what’s that?” when I pass pictures in my feed. I know, though I feel pretty guilty about lack of watching, in reality, I’m watching more now than I was for a while. Again though, not Kdrama. Chinese, Thai, Taiwanese. So many options. Very little time. Kdrama really needs to bump up their BL content…perhaps that’s what’s going to get me to make it a priority again.

This was totally not the post I meant to write when I sat down here. I was fully planning on writing a jaunty post about Lee Seung Gi’s new drama because he looks GOOOOOOD. However,  I just couldn’t stop the written verbal vomit from coming from my fingertips. It’s been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe I’ll write another post about that one…I’m pretty sure I could write another thousand words just on the strip of skin we see under his shirt as he’s running across a roof in one of the previews. SWOOON. Maybe I’ll check out the rest of what’s coming out. See if there is any movement on the front. Any more news on the Hong Bin drama? I should look that up.

Sure….maybe after I order that UHAUL.


  • Reply DBChen August 29, 2019 at 7:20 am

    I’ve been in the same boat. I hit a K drama slump just as my interest in K pop ramped up and now I find my attention in a show wavers after 5 minutes.

    MVs are really nice and bite-sized. You can squeeze a few in here and there on your smart phone through out the day. Watching a show requires some dedicated time to get into it.

    In the past few months I’ve gotten back into K dramas and Taiwanese shows like Terius Behind Me, Green Door (TW), Hotel del Luna, Designated Survivor, Rookie Historian that are really good. And relatively short

    Chinese dramas catch my eye too but there are so many episodes! Watching a C-drama is basically the opposite of watching a K pop MV. I need to build up my drama watching stamina first.

  • Reply Jessie September 1, 2019 at 1:25 pm

    I feel exactly the same way. My days are so limited with time to sit down and watch dramas, and while I absolutely love them, I don’t have the Korean language down enough that I can watch them in the background while I do all of the other million things I need to. I think it’s hard because the kdrama slump is more of don’t have time rather than a not wanting to watch or uninterested in the content out.

    Kpop is easy. I can throw on Spotify and listen to the artist while I’m at work. I can spend ten minutes here and there watching content (and it’s SO easy to throw those videos in my watch later, my list looks like yours). It’s hard, I just want more time in the day to consume all the things I want to do and be a functioning member of society, but alas right now that isn’t the case. I think we also all naturally go in waves with what we like. Some months I’ll be better at dramas, other I’ll be better at music, another time it’s nothing Asian-content related. Focusing more on that it’s ok is the most important part, and if we are enjoying the kpop time then might as well stay on the ride.

    Side note, I told myself I wasn’t going to watch No Mercy cause I just can’t handle those types of shows, but apparently I can’t be stopped with my love of those boys and ended up watching the I.M episode the past week. Ugh. So horrible and yet I couldn’t look away. Sigh.

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