Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Wishing for a Comeback

Posted by SaraG on August 29, 2019


There’s nothing like the shelving of a group you enjoy for an extended period of time to remind you just how many resources go into a comeback and how small some of these Kpop companies are. We all bitterly mock YG and how many artists have been trapped in the basement for years while they continue to promote the ‘it’ boy or girl group of the moment, but it’s not a joke. It’s a business. And it happens with a lot of labels, YG is just particularly unlikable so we have no qualms about being harsh.

Woollim Entertainment has spent the last couple of weeks promoting it’s new special project, W Project 4, tossing out a logo, teaser images, and the names and photos of the male trainees that will be part of it all. I’m familiar with some of the trainees as they participated in Produce X 101 and I’m excited to see them doing something so soon after the show, but it reminded me of how into the W Project I was back in the day. That special project included the release of individual rap, dance, and vocal MVs of various trainees. They all seemed shockingly grown-up for their age (and frankly, for Woollim) and sparked a keen interest in me for whatever group ended up being pulled together from this pool of talent. 

Enter, Golden Child.

Despite the pre-debut maturity, GolCha, as they are lovingly nicknamed, came out of the gates with a distinctly young vibe, look, and sound. It wasn’t at all sexy. It was fun, it was cheerful and upbeat, but it was not sexy. Even though it wasn’t in my preferred sound, I continued to follow them wholeheartedly, in part because my kids demanded to hear the song DamDaDi so often that I even started to dream about it and in part because I know just how much I’m going to love them as they continue to develop into grown Kpop idols with some measure of freedom over their own sound.

If they ever come back again. 

I’m being dramatic here, but I’m a bit peeved that Woollim is using so many resources on a W Project 4 when GolCha is so very ripe for a comeback. We haven’t heard from them in three months – when they put out a single song. Prior to that, it was a mini-album in October of 2018. A mini that I actually kinda love, particularly the title track Genie. I want more from them. It’s time. Very much time. 

Genie, Golden Child


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