Khottie of the Week: Simon D

Posted by Stephanie on September 8, 2019

Khottie of the Week

It’s the OG Khottie Crafter, Stephanie, taking over from Ms Alix as she gets her own, in person, Khottie on at the Pentagon concert in Chicago this weekend. Who can begrudge her such a request? Certainly not I! So here we are, once more trying to find the one hottest enough to be crowned this week’s Khottie of the Week. I remember back in the day sometimes this would be a struggle, a real bish to try and figure out who hadn’t been done before, who was old enough to meet our strict age standards, and those who had enough good photos to make it worth our leering while. Not so much this week. At first, I pondered a part two of the Inked Khottie, had the thought, “Hey, does Simon D have tattoos?” My brain stuttered as it usually does when Simon D comes to mind and that’s when I realized I had him.

Oooooh Simon D.

First a check to see if he’d been chosen before.

He’s hot as fuck. Of course, he was already a Khottie.

But then I scrolled the boards.

And scrolled.

No Simon D.

Nor Simon Dominic.

How could this be a thing?

Perhaps he’s not old enough?

That’s it, he must not be old enough.

But that’s weird. He seems pretty mature.

He was a solo artist before signing on with Jay Park and AOMG.

Before he became Co-CEO.

Before he stepped down to focus on his own music.

That’s quite a history for an under 24-year-old.

Google Says Nope, none of that: HE IS 35!

Not only is he Khottie age-appropriate…He’s age-appropriate for ME.

Which is good because I spend a good part of my time thinking about him and I’d hate to realize it’s weirder than it actually is.

Not that I’d stop. I mean, look at this face.

How can you not look at that face and not go….helllllllloooooo.

Then there is the voice.

His deep husky rap voice does things to a person.

But that’s between me and my Youtube History.

I could just listen to him speak aloud to me.

I wouldn’t even need to look at him doing it.

Though I wouldn’t say no if it were offered.

There are those posts where you struggle to find enough good photos to feature.

I had to force myself to stop at 30.

Okay, 35.

One picture for all of his age-appropriate years.

Seemed appropriate.

Unlike so many other things in this post.

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