Musical Monday – It’s About Survival Right Now

Posted by SaraG on September 9, 2019


So this isn’t strictly new, but I feel like it is because I’ve gone through a nice rebonding period with Pentagon. I, of course, had all sorts of feelings about the group following the scandal in the last year and the departure of our lovely high toned rapper, but I never let them go entirely. I have historically been pretty invested in them and despite some distancing in the aftermath of it all, I kept counting down to their comebacks and buying their albums and fawning over their pictures albeit in a more sedate manner. 

Except Jinho…I’ve never for a second distanced myself from Jinho…but that’s another matter altogether. 

When I crafted my very tiny list of groups that I was able to fly for this year, I chose Sewoon, PLT, and IMFACT believing way back in January that it wasn’t likely that any of them would come. I was very wrong. I got IMFACT, which I haven’t talked about on the blog much but was absolutely one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, and PLT is coming in October (insert tears and self-flagellation here as I can’t go – bad timing). When the Pentagon tour was announced it lined up exactly with a vacation I was going on with my family and they weren’t on my list so it was going to be very sad and my little heart would hurt, but  I’ve missed other loves and survived so I was resigned. 

Enter a drastic change in my vacation plans and the invitation to go to Chicago to see the show in a private box for a friend’s birthday. Yes, oh yes, oh yes. So Alix, KpopontheDL, and I met up with our girl in Chicago this weekend for snuggles, wine, and the show, none of us knowing exactly how it would go. I mean, I was very, very excited but the distance I was feeling kept niggling at my conscientious and I know the others were feeling much the same some to an even larger degree. We were also a bit conflicted because we were missing the Rose mere blocks away on the same night at the same time. I wasn’t sure if this show would be everything I would need it to be in order to really reconnect. 

Spoiler: it was 

And I think it was for more than just me. The combination of our awesome seats, the alcohol in our veins, the amazing styling, the sexy choreo, and well, the power of the Pentagon members on stage completely in their element was perfection. I am 100% in love again. Their label is an asshole, but we knew that already…just ask Highlight…and bad choices have been made all around that hurt the current and former members as well as the group as a whole. They lost some steam and have been struggling a bit to regain popularity. Sometimes their styling isn’t perfect and sometimes they age them way too far down for their own good, but oh my god, I love them. Tingles in my elbows and knees love them. 

In honor of that love and the amazing experience I had on Friday night, here’s a beauty I didn’t pay enough attention too when it came out. 

Sha La La, Pentagon

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