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Posted by SaraG on September 16, 2019


We, Kpop fans, spend an inordinate amount of time looking at, talking about, and thinking about appearance. Let’s be honest, we didn’t pick up this hobby because it’s deep and meaningful. The idols are hot – male and female – and we love it. I’m not saying that’s the only thing going on, I have all sorts of emotions and thoughts and opinions on Kpop, the industry, racial concerns, objectification, etc. But, it’s didn’t start that way. I wasn’t pondering how I could pick up a weird proclivity to make myself stand out as an intellectual when I caught that first MV. I was intrigued because they were gorgeous and talented. 

There are certainly groups that I barely listen to but continue to adore because of how they look, how’re they’re styled, and the other content they put out. But, on the other hand, there are plenty of artists I follow that I am zero percent physically attracted to. At least on first – or even second- impression. Sometimes talent and execution makes me sit up and take notice. On that note, let’s talk about Bloo.

I wasn’t sure if Bloo was really on topic enough for this website to highlight and I’ve been holding off for a number of reasons:

  1. He’s pretty underground and frankly, not kpop at all
  2. His pops is from the Philippines and his mom is Japanese and he was raised largely in LA – but he was born in Korea and he does actually do his music in Korean. 
  3. His style is decadent and decayed and not really the slick glitz and glamour of a lot of the music we talk about on the blog. It’s a lot darker and desperate. It’s the day after. 

But with the release of his latest single, Bloo really reminded me of why I started tracking him in the first place. He’s all pills and booze and a very specific lifestyle – his MVs, social media, and music are largely about being drunk or high or whatever as a form of escapism. But he doesn’t hide what that does to you. His aesthetic is shitty skin, dark circles under his eyes, crazy hair, and Sid Vicious inspired clothes – the whole thing is very 80’s punk rock in 2000’s LA. He’s the fellas that lived in the house next time mine when I was 21 – the ones that had parties that started with fights and ended with people carving stuff into their own skin as a way to shove it to the man. I never understood their motivation, but their emotion was so viseral I couldn’t help but to be impressed. Yes, I went to those parties and no, I never carved anything into me.

Bloo is part of the American-Korean hip hop crew “42” and is signed on at MKIT RAIN Records – owned by NAFLA and Loopy and some other guys. And I think this is an important part of the story that we’re missing with all of the grit and grime we see in his image – this boy is serious about his music. He isn’t playing. He can’t possibly be as F’d up on various substances all the time as he might like us to believe. He’s prolific, people want to work with him, his music is solid and touching and interesting. You can’t do that drunk. I promise. 

So while I will likely not encourage my spawn to watch Bloo’s videos and fawn over him the way I might with ACE or the Boyz or some other fairly wholesome group, if when they get older they pick him up as someone they admire, I’m not going to hate it. I’m going to use it as a teaching moment, for sure. I’m going to point out how much work it takes to manage your image like this, how much effort he puts into his product. Because while I don’t find strung out dudes particularly sexy, I do find someone with this kind of work ethic intriguing in a different way. 

Plus, this song is dead wonderful. 


Boy From the Moon, Bloo

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