Musical Monday – They Should Change the Rules

Posted by SaraG on September 23, 2019


I am not a waiter. I have friends, my sweet KB Alix for instance, who perform better with a light at the end of the tunnel, a reward after a job well done, something to look forward to. I do not. I like to open the new album and find out who is on my boyfriend card as I’m walking out of the store. I like binge-watching lots and lots of episodes at once because they’re available. I like seeing the spoilers. I like to know what the surprise present is…I’ll still be excited, I’m always excited. 

That’s not to say that I can’t wait, but it’s just not my preferred method of living. 

So why, you may ask yourself, do I make myself suffer by watching survival shows – patiently enduring week after week for the episode to be filmed, then subbed, then made available only to have to do it all over again as soon as that amazing hour of television is consumed. I DON’T KNOW. But I’m so in love with them that I stay up too late watching each episode the day they’re released and regret it the next morning. Except, not really regretting it because I know what happened and it would be harder not to…I’m just sleepy, that’s all. 

Sign Here is the first-ever hip hop survival show al la Produce 101, MIXNINE, or the Unit. It’s different from the likes of Show Me the Money because they get a contract, not just the prestige of having won. AOMG, Jay Park’s first label, is searching for the next person or act to sign and they’ve decided to get all sorts of great publicity and exposure at the same time through the power of television.  The primary judging panel includes the CEO himself, Simon Dominic, Woo Wonjae, Grey, and Code Kunst – all critiquing the potential talent and voting on whether or not they make it to the next round. We are two rounds in now and each task seems to have bonus ways of getting through including hip hop fans getting a say and veterans of the field sharing their opinions. But what it really boils down to is that core group at AOMG figuring out who they can work with for the long term. The prize isn’t a year in the limelight, it’s a contract with the agency. It’s long term. It’s resources to do what they want musically and collab with some of the best. This is a serious matter and it’s going to take more than a sweet voice or a cool rapping style to get you through. You need to be a vocal, a rapper, a producer, and chill enough to get along with them all. That’s a tall order.

The hopefuls on the show are a varied bunch – a couple of well-known groups and artists, some former survival show contestants from Show Me the Money and High School Rapper, and some folks with talent but zero experience. I already knew about half – or maybe a bit more than half of them – from various things and am entirely in love with a few. I’ve even talked about several on the site before – Niihwa, Cherry Coke, Maddox (well, the podcast but he’s cited on the blog because of it), maybe some others. And I think I know who I want to win already. I’m going to hold that close to the chest, but I have internally screamed multiple times and am so pleased after only three episodes. 

This was a favorite moment in #3. I just…they are everything. 


Passport, Niihwa and Maddox

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