Khottie of the Week: SF9’s Jaeyoon

Posted by Alix on October 6, 2019

Khottie of the Week

Today’s coming attraction post is about two months late as he turned 24 in August but hopefully, you will all agree he was well worth the wait. SF9 is very very high up on my list of favorite groups. I learned them a couple of years ago when I decided it was time to expand my kpop knowledge beyond BTS and they stuck. It was helped by the fact that they were my first hi-touch and the group is home to a potential UB (ultimate bias). Jaeyoon was always the member that I couldn’t remember and thus that’s how I remembered him. He’s totally come into his own over the past year or two and I think you’ll all agree pretty unforgettable. Lee Jae Yoon, Jaeyoon, turned 24 on August 9th and is a vocalist.

He’s originally from Busan.

When I first learned SF9, he was cute…

With round cheeks and deep dimples.

Very cute dimples…

And then suddenly, he was grown-up…




Still with dimples…and abs.

See those dimples are still there…

With the youngest members now adults, SF9 is slowly embracing a sexier concept…and Jaeyoon embodies it fully…

No complaints here.

Hopefully, this post has made you want to learn more about SF9…they just celebrated their 3rd anniversary. 

I fully support you in that endeavor.

You can follow SF9 on Instagram @sf9official.

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