Khottie of the Week: Kim Myung Soo

Posted by Alix on October 13, 2019

Khottie of the Week/ Music

I’ve been wondering, given recent and still painful heartbreak, that maybe it would be better to invest time and energy into groups where I already know the outcome. Basically, maybe I should stan an older group. In order to help me learn who that might be, at least based on their music, KPopontheDL created me a playlist, that I affectionately call the Old Folks Playlist. From multiple listens I’ve reaffirmed that I really like B1A4 and discovered that I also quite like music from TEEN TOP, VIXX and Infinite. Based on this post you can expect to see more in coming months, featuring members from those groups, as I explore this potential avenue.

Kim Myung Soo, stage name L, is a vocalist/visual in Infinite.

He will be 28 in March, likely off to the military by end of next year.

He’s also a well-known actor and that’s how I was first introduced to him.

This guy is cute…

And sexy…

And hot…

And sexy, hot and cute.

But the biggest thing…besides sexy, hot and cute…

Is the dimples…

Dimples up close.

Dimples from a distance.

And dimples in between. 



You can follow him on Instagram @kim_msl.






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