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Posted by Stephanie on October 15, 2019

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Its officially been forever and 8 days since I’ve watched my last drama, since I’ve really taken a look at what’s being served up out there for consumption. I’m pretty sure an entire K-season has passed through my watching fingers. I really thought the Korean remake of the US show, Leverage was what was going to bring me back in front of my TV, but as Cherry and I found out last night after we realized it had started this week, there doesn’t appear to be any place we can watch it subbed here. What the? I thought this show was a big deal? Or at least it was a big deal to me? And, apparently, to Cherry. So until that egregious mistake has been taken care of, I’m going to have to look elsewhere. Luckily, Netflix seems to be ON THE BALL with new, currently airing dramas. Currently airing as in, they do them on a weekly schedule, which is balls, but means they are so hot and fresh they’re going to burn the roofs of your mouths. That’s when I spotted it.

Lee. Min. Ki.

Not only is it Lee Min Ki, but it also appears to be a Lee Min Ki in a thriller. Those of you who have seen his TV show backlog, you’ve known him as romantic comedy guy, which don’t get me wrong, is sexy AF. But, Lee Min Ki in a thriller? SWOOOOON. There was one movie he was in where he played a serial killer. Now, I know I SHOULDN’T swoon over that, and yet….here I am. If you didn’t see that movie, you saw shades of his darker ability during his short stint in Shut Up Flower Boy Band. If you haven’t seen Shut Up Flower Boy Band? Obviously, you are a newbie, and whoever led you here has not been teaching you correctly. Poor neglected Egg. Go and watch it. With Tissues.

In his newest drama, The Lies Within, he plays a cop who can not let any case go unsolved. Lee Min Ki as a cop? How am I not watching this right now? What else strikes my fancy about this show is the fact that it doesn’t appear to be a straight-out romance. Lee Min Ki not in a romance? Woah. Despite or instead of, I’m even more interested. The main plot, as I mentioned, a thriller is about a woman who’s husband mysteriously disappears after the mysterious death of her National Assemblyman father. The only way I’m seeing these two getting together is if the husband had anything to do with dad’s death, and she finds out about it relatively early. Otherwise, meh, I’m just not going to find it believable. Although…Lee Min Ki. When I first saw him in I Really, Really Like You, I honestly thought he was the B-lead until closer to the end. So I guess anything is possible in Kdramaland.

Lately, if I do watch dramas, its the twist and turny ones, the ones light on romance that captures my fancy. Sounds like this might just hit my watching sweet spot. Which is good because it started this week!

Ooh, and The Lies Within is an OCN drama. You know one thing that OCN does well? Besides putting Ryu Deok Hwan in leading roles? That would be thrilling, edge of your seat dramas. It’s like they found the thing missing in Kdrama and said, “Cool, we’ll just live here.” 

Have you seen this ‘teaser’?

Now I’m rooting for them to get together! I’m not even sure I care if it’s the end of the series when it happens. Doesn’t she look so sad? Doesn’t he look so serious? Now, after 5 minutes with them, I just want them to be happy. Or at least to stop weeping. Car chases, blood, angst, I’m in! Now for real, I’m off to go watch this. Perhaps I’ll let you know what I think!

Thanks, Netflix, I knew you wouldn’t let me down!

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